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Our Club was formed by the Rotary Club of Hervey Bay City.  This Club formed a Committee in early 1986 to start the ground work to form the first Probus Club in Hervey Bay. Thursday 19th June 1986 was selected as the date for the inaugural meeting.  

Then on 7 October 1997 the Club became incorporated and a new Constitution had to be adopted.  

The Hervey Bay Ladies’ Probus Club was formed in 1987and in the interests of economy we shared with them our Post Office Box for quite a number of years. Also for a number of years we also combined our Changeover Dinners to save attending two Changeover Dinners within a week or so, as a lot of our members’ wives had joined the Ladies’ Club.

The biggest change came in 1995 when it was proposed that our membership be open to lady members. Numbers had stagnated and it was thought that inclusion of lady members would help invigorate the Club.  There were a few members strongly opposed to such a move but the majority were in favour and, after much discussion, it was decided to accept ladies as members.  As part of the process the Ladies’ Probus Club of Hervey Bay was contacted to suggest that they combine with us as one Combined Club.  However, there was strong opposition to this in the Ladies’ Club and they did not agree.  Thus it was decided to rename our Club as “The Mixed Probus Club of Hervey Bay City”.