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Guest speakers.

Speakers have been confirmed thus far for our Probus Club.


Our next meeting is Monday 9 May 2022 and our guest speaker is John Brogden,  President of LifeLine International

A forward listing is as follows:

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Previous speakers




Monday 12th April   2021                             

Rafaele Jourdy

“Sound therapy for Ear &

Brain Vitality”










Monday 10th May




Monday 14th June








10th February     Max Hitchens                     - “Memory Man”

9th December    Graham SIMS                     - Bea Miles   

11th November Nick GLEESON                   - The Blind Man and his dog.  

14th October         Raymond McCluskie (Astronomy) and Janelle Watson (Country Life)

9th September   Claude BENNIE                  - The history of Arnotts Biscuits.  

12th August         Peter KAHN                        - Sydney Tramway Museum.  

8th July, 2019       Greg WOODWARD          - Flying Doctor Service.  


Monday 3 June 2019 

Our guest speaker was Serina Mace. Serina is the Manager for NSW and ACT of Trade Travel  . All Serina’s life her occupation has been driven by exceptional Customer Service, with 22 years with the Commonwealth Bank, 2 years Managing a Motel with a Restaurant in Charleville and a year with Baunti Escapes touring company on Norfolk Island. Serina’s commitment to making a memorable experience in whatever it may be is her number one priority.

Serina talked about her time on Norfolk Island. An island she shared with that famous author Colleen McCullough  . She told us about her family , getting married and her eventual travel to the "mainland"; some lovely anecdotes which were interesting and amusing. Of course she also talked about he travel agency. Guess what how lucky were we? She was able to give away a signed copy of one of Colleen McCullough  's books. 

Great to have Serina as a guest speaker