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Upcoming Speakers:

To be announced once COVID restrictions are relaxed

Past Speakers:

28th July 2021  Postponed due COVID. Malcolm and Lyn Bedford - Second of two talks on "The Beatles"

23rd June 2021  Malcolm and Lyn Bedford - First of two talks on "The Beatles"

26th May 2021  Erin Addison Smith - Presentation on the Albion Park Rail By-pass

2021-04-28  Ed Paterson - Kiama Strategic Plan

2021-02-24  Bobby East - Birthing Kits and Papua New Guinea history

2020-09-30  Bruce Johnston - Sailing

2020-03-25 AGM (No Speaker)  

2020-02-26  Cathy Law The Bugle (Local Journalism)  

2020-01-22 Darren Longbottom - Beyond the Break (rescheduled)  

2019-12-25 No Meeting (Christmas Day)

2019-11-27 Errol Chopping - My Russian Connection

2019-10-23 Lorraine and Ken Neate -  Ebenezer Hamilton's Cashbook

2019-09-25 Bob Shaw -  Photography

2019-08-28 Annette Hoskins -  Nursing Then And Now

2019-07-24 Ron Parkinson -  My Father's War Experiences

2019-06-26 Terry and Wendy Nunan -  Thinking Outside The Square  

2019-05-22 Natasha Knopf  -  Age Related Macular Degeneration

2019-04-24 Sue Eggins -  The History of Kiama

2019-02-27 Sarah Hollingworth - Waste Minimisation

2019-01-23 Wendy Leatham - Little Gems of Europe

2018-11-28 Brendan Woods -  Excercise and Aging 

2018-10-24 Michelle Hudson - Kiama Library Services

2018-09-26 Probus Travel (Probus South Pacific)


Speakers to be Rescheduled due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Date TBA Julitta Adu-Amponsah / Teresa Descalzo-  Bay Audio hearing Experts  

Date TBA Maryanne Bawden - Stroke Foundation

Date TBA Jade Hutchinson - use of the Internet by our Youth and its multiplicity of potentially negative effects

Date TBA  Heather Hill  - Angel Flight

Date TBA  Henry Karpik - Vision Australia 

Date TBA  Eddie Lyon - Model Boats (rescheduled)