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About us.

The Keira Probus Club Inc. was the third Probus Club formed in the Illawarra area of New South Wales. It was formed following the sponsorship by Wollongong Rotary at a meeting on the 4th July 1983. Keira Probus held their first meeting on the 18th July 1983.

Our monthly meetings are held on the third Monday of each month and are held in the Polish Association Hall in Gipps Street, Keiraville, with the exception of the July and November meetings. Those two months are when we hold a festival meeting which is a luncheon. July is the Month we celebrate our “birthday” and in November we have a Christmas function.

Our general meetings start at 10.00am with a short business session, followed by morning tea before our guest speaker for the day starts his/her talk at 11.00am with a presentation lasting 45 – 50 minutes with about 10 minutes for questions and answers. We finish at 12.00 noon.

Guest speakers come from all walks of life and give presentations on a wide range of topics.

The Monday following our meetings, a group of members/family/friends enjoy a leisurely stroll/walk that ends at a coffee shop. There is a designated meeting place, usually Le Vendi at Brighton Beach Wollongong. This stroll/walk produces conversation, friendship and exercise.

Our day outings range from local places of interest, whereas a train journey to a historical site, an Art Gallery or a walk through some of the historical areas of Sydney while enjoying the company of old and new friends plus the exercise. A suitable place for lunch is selected before returning home.

We have a computer interest group that meet most months at Collegians, Balgownie. Most of those attending will purchase a cup of coffee before the meeting starts; shortly after 10.00am. Some stay for lunch after the meeting. These sessions are based on common interest and feature a presentation and discussion. Most are fairly basic but can be more advanced if enough are interested. Attendees are encouraged to “bring along their problems”.