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Kiama Mixed Probus Club


The basic purpose of our Probus Club is to provide regular gatherings of members who, in retirement, appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances.

The emphasis is on the Club:

  • Being simple in structure
  • Involving members in minimal cost
  • Developing friendships
  • Providing fellowship.

Some important features:

  • Probus Clubs are non-political and non-sectarian.
  • They are not profit-making and are non-fundraising.
  • Probus members may be active members of any other club or organisation.

Our Club is a mixed club, with the number of either gender limited to 55%.

We have a luncheon meeting, which we hold on the third Thursday of each month, held in the Auditorium of Kiama Leagues Club.

We assemble from 11.00am for an 11.30am start.  Our “formal” meeting usually ends at about midday and a guest speaker then speaks for 40-50 minutes, so that lunch begins about 1.00pm.  Usually we conclude the meeting by around 2:30pm. Our rules expect that members must attend at least 50% of our monthly meetings in any 12-month period.

In addition to our monthly meetings, other outings are arranged by our Entertainment Committee.  These include such things as theatre parties, one-day tours, bowling, golf, pizza nights, a walking group and many more.  We also arrange a 5 day trip away once each year.  All such extra activities are of course voluntary.

The joining fee on admission is $10 each and the annual subscription is $25 per person. The cost of lunch at each monthly meeting is currently $25.