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Activity Groups

Activity Convenor – Stuart Hutton - 0418 660 763


Book Club – Janis Woodward – 0412 696 485

Meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 12pm – 2pm over lunch, at a member’s home. (Bring your own lunch). We discuss a book chosen at the previous meeting.

Book Club No 2 – Narelle Wowk - 0450 350 663

Meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 10am. The Book Club No. 2 is a group of people with a love of reading, who meet to discuss a book or books they have read and express their opinions, likes and dislikes, etc.  No matter how serious the book discussions are, just getting together and chatting on a regular basis can be fun!  The morning teas, which members take turns in bringing, are delicious as well.

Our book club can help you meet new people and make new friends, all in a relaxed atmosphere.  It is a great addition to your social calendar, being low key and inexpensive.  So come along to gain new perspectives, decrease stress, keep your brain healthy and expand the genre of books and authors you normally read.

Bowls – Joe Turner - 0434 874 818, assisted by Hazel Turner – 8883 2450

Bowls is not a game for older people – it is a sport that older people can play. This sport offers a great opportunity to exercise, get into the fresh air, socialise and have some fun.  Initial coaching by our own qualified coach with bowls available for you to make a start and your fellow club members ready and willing to welcome and guide you.

Meets at the Castle Hill Bowling Club on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 9am.  We have 31 club members registered with the group.  So, what are you waiting for?  Check in with Joe and Hazel at our next meeting.

Bus and Train Group – Ray Gallagher - 0437 177 043 – Caz Gallagher – 0417 040 337

This group has a monthly excursion, usually by Bus Train, Ferry and Light Rail, and sometimes all four, to interesting locations within a day’s travel.  It allows members the opportunity to explore the city and its surrounds.  Lunch can be purchased at local cafes.

Coffee and Chat – Sue Fowke – 0430 952 276 and Margaret Pelleri – 0412 242 145

A group that meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at a local cafe to enjoy each other's company, have coffee and a good chat.  A relaxing morning and a great way to meet other members of the club.

Craft Group – Rhonda Radford – 0413 138 618 and Ann Osborn – 0402 333 326

At our craft meetings, which are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 10am – 1pm, at a member’s home, we bring a craft item that we have been working on.  This varies from knitting, crochet, quilting, patchwork, embroidery or anything new that comes up.  We work on our own pieces but help each other out when needed.

It is a very social group with lots of discussions on topical issues as we enjoy our cup of tea or coffee.

Dinner Group – Stuart Hutton – 0418 660 763 and Lynne Hutton – 0411 600 711

Meets once a month, usually on the 3rd Tuesday or Wednesday, to enjoy dinner in the company of other members and explore a variety of cuisines.  The venues usually alternate between Club/Pub bistro meals and Restaurants, at which we often share banquets.

Garden Chat Group - Margaret Pelleri – 0412 242 145 and Sue Pearce 0408 643 413

We are a small group of members who love gardens - some of us only have pots on a terrace these days, but our love of gardens and the outdoors brings us together.  We meet on 4th Monday of each month at a local coffee shop within the area, currently we favour Frankie’s at Flower Power, Glenhaven as they can easily accommodate larger groups.

Margaret, our guru, is a fountain of knowledge and answers lots of members’ questions and in general we enjoy morning tea and chat about our gardens, bouncing ideas off each other.  Every three months we endeavour to get out on a day trip and visit gardens of interest.  So far, we’ve been to Wildwood at Bilpin and The Calyx in the Botanical Gardens Sydney.

Genealogy – Peter O’Brien – 0419 680 769

For anyone interested in Family Tree Research, we meet on the 1st Monday of the month at 10am, at a member’s home. Outings of historical and genealogical significance are also planned.

We are of an age when you become curious about your origins. Don't leave it too late when you can no longer ask the older family members about your tree.  And there are many sources of information that are now available on the Internet.  The group's members can assist in finding information and breaking through the brick walls that can occur. The future generations will thank you for documenting their past.

Lunch Group – Ruth Caunt 0434 577 708 and Ann Miles – 0413 237 847

We meet for lunch, usually on the last Thursday or Friday of each month, at a local café, restaurant, or hotel.  It is a very informal gathering, allowing members to relax and chat while enjoying a lunch.

Movies – Maureen Palmer-Burton – 0411 249 027 & Clarrie Palmer-Burton – 0418 274 870

The Movie group meet on the 2nd Friday of each month at a local cinema to choose and see a variety of current movies.  It is open to all members and is an opportunity to relax and be entertained by the silver screen.  We often enjoy a coffee and chat before the movies, if time allows.

Special Events – Caz Gallagher – 0417 040 337

Every few months we get to experience something special such as a bus trip to the country to see the silo art, or a trip to the High Country in Victoria.  These are great multi-day events allowing members to get away and enjoy time with each other.

Caz also organizes other special occasions, such as a “Christmas in July” lunch.

Table of Knowledge – Max Woodward – 0452 196 485

This is a group of members who meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month at Beanmeister Café, Salisbury Road, Castle Hill between 10am – noon.  Topics for discussion include anything and everything and it is just an opportunity to have a chat with your Probus mates over a coffee.

Theatre – Jan Jones – 0408 228 454

Jan’s objective is to source and provide members the opportunity to enjoy a variety of theatrical events with like-minded people, with the added benefit of group concession prices.  She endeavours where possible to arrange mid-week matinees to accommodate those people who may not wish to travel at night.

Over the years we have enjoyed a variety of shows, from local community theatre productions like Castle Hill Players’ performances of “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “The Women of Lockerbie” to major productions like “Beautiful”, “My Fair Lady” and “The Jersey Boys” at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre and “The Book of Mormon” and “Kinky Boots” at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre.  We have sung the best of British with Guy Noble and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at Sydney Opera at the “Last Night of the Proms”, watched in awe Caroline O’Connor and Todd Mc Kenney perform in Cole Porter’s comedy-musical “Anything Goes” at the Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House.  And of course, we have enjoyed many laughs with those masters of satire in Sydney Theatre Company’s “Wharf Revue” when it comes to Parramatta Riverside.

Travel Discussion – Bob Conley – 0403 153 999

The Travel Discussion Group meet on the 3rd Monday of each month, usually at Gustoso Coffee Shop, North Kellyville.  Group members share travel experiences and tips aimed to assist with planning an upcoming journey or journeys they may be considering.  It is also to relive those great times with like-minded friends.

Walking – Yaras Wowk – 0414 894 961

Walks are usually planned for the last Thursday or Friday of each month and can range in duration from 2 – 5 hours and from 4 – 10 km.  While mostly located in the local area, many are in other parts of the city, taking in some of the more famous landmarks.  It is a great and healthy way to view and appreciate our natural surroundings with like-minded people, as well make new friends.

Wine and Cheese – Carol Leaver – 0417 475 363 and Carolyn Smalls - 0419 253 465

The Wine and Cheese group meets in the homes of members on the 4th Friday of every second month.  Our aim is to introduce members to different wines and different wine regions and a theme is allocated for each evening.  Members bring their own bottle of wine to present and share with everyone.  It is always an enjoyable experience.