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KUWEAN? - What is a “KUWEAN”?

Members of PROBUS clubs are generally known as PROBIANS

Taking the first two letters of “Ku-Ring-Gai” and “West” gives “KuWe” the name we have given to our newsletter*

And it is always written KuWe! - note the capitals and the “!”

"KuWe!" is a homophone of "Cooee" the Aussie clarion call to assemble, to meet..

Thus KuWe! is symbolic of the core aim of our Probus Club - to meet for fun and fellowship

So in the Ku-Ring-Gai West Probus club we refer to ourselves as Kuweans.

AND "Kuwean" is used throughout this web site

(sort of makes sense if you don't think too hard on it:-)

But KUWEANS can also refer to themselves as PROBIANS because KUWEANS are not big on "SHOULDING".

*Psst! Want to see a KuWe!             CLICK HERE


Who can become Kuweans  and where do Kuweans meet? 

Kuweans are retired, semi-retired, professional & business men and women who reside in the KU-RING-GAI areas. 



The Club meets at 10am on the Second Friday of each month at the

Killara Bowling Club

6 Arnold St, Killara NSW 2071 


An application to become a Kuwean requires the signatures of 2 members.

One way of getting to know members is to be a visitor at one of our monthly meetings

Why not visit us at our next monthly meeting? An email from you with your contact details could lead to an invite. Click on the link below.

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