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The Combined Probus Club of Lake Tuggeranong

A Brief History





The Combined Probus Club of Lake Tuggeranong was founded on 17th June 1998 with 54 Foundation Members by the Rotary Club of Tuggeranong.  Ten of those members are still with the Club.  The ratio of female/male members has always been approximately 3:1.  The Foundation Certificate is proudly displayed at every meeting.  Over the past 21 years the Club has had a membership of between 80 and 90 members. We set the ceiling at 90.  We have had over 200 members pass through our books in that time and we have never had to advertise for members.  Our Club was one of five clubs commenced by Tuggeranong Rotary between 1991 and 2011 and one was “rebirthed” converting it from a ladies club to a combined club.


The Lake Tuggeranong Club is no doubt very similar to many others in Canberra, at times we have had difficulty filling all our committee positions but due to a very loyal backbone in the Club we have always found someone to put their hand up to fill a position.  In our 18 years we have had a new President almost every year, only once has a former President served again.  Not so in other positions as many have served the Club for years in various positions.


For many years we met at the Tuggeranong Southern Cross Club but in September 2016 we moved our meetings to the Vikings Town Centre Club because the former venue could no longer accommodate our needs.


We consider ourselves to be a very happy, caring Club particularly as many of our members are getting on in years.  Members appreciate the club’s concern for them when they are not well.  We have always had a Welfare Officer who keeps in contact with members not seen for a while in case we can be of assistance.  Our members have always been sent birthday cards hand-made by volunteers.


Like all other clubs we always have a variety of excellent guest speakers at meetings.  Guest speakers are invited for eight meetings each year, the other meeting days being our Birthday luncheon in June, our Christmas party in December and on two meeting days we have a fun or variety day where entertainment is provided by members or we might have a trivia day. We regularly have one of our members give a short talk about themselves or on a subject of their choosing.


In addition to our regular monthly meetings our Club has been active in creating other opportunities for our members’ enjoyment. We call them our “Small Groups”.  They are:


A Craft Group –  Up to 20 ladies gather once a month to do “crafty things”, chat and have coffee and enjoy each other’s company.


Lunchalots Group –  As the name suggests they meet monthly for a meal at a different spot each time.


The Film Group -  Keen movie goers meet monthly to discuss what films they have recently seen.  The group compiles a suggested list each time they meet but it is up to individuals to see what they wish in their own time.  A very popular group.


The Book Group -  Our avid readers get together monthly to discuss books they have read and to decide what is recommended reading.


Theatre Group -  This group has an annual subscription to the Canberra Repertory’s shows which they go to see together at a matinee.


In addition to these groups, there is at least one outing per month organised by our “Tours and Visits” Officer.  This may be to a local place of interest, a coach tour or occasionally a coach trip to Sydney to see a show.  On one or two occasions a number of our members have joined with another Probus Club to make up a group for a trip away.  Another popular event is a BBQ by Lake Tuggeranong where our male “chefs” treat those present to a gourmet BBQ.  The ladies bring some nibblies and if we are lucky a cake or two. This is usually combined with a Melbourne Cup event when we have prizes for the best hat, etc.


At our monthly meeting we have always held a small raffle for wine or chocolates or a gift donated by a member to raise funds for the club.  A “Bring and Buy” table is always present at meetings where members can bring along anything that might sell such as craft work, produce from their garden, DVDs, etc. for members to buy for a gold coin.  All money collected goes back to members in the form of subsidies for special luncheons.


We have a number of Life Members in the Club who have been recognised in this way because of their exceptional contribution to the life of the Club.


In this short history and explanation of our Club it can be seen that we are a thriving, happy organisation flying under the Probus banner where members can just attend the monthly meeting or be involved in their Club in as many ways as they wish, it is their choice, as long as they enjoy themselves. Our Constitution requires that a member attend at least 50% of meetings each year unless they have applied for leave of absence.



                                                                                                           Updated September 2019