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Probus Club of Laverton Inc.


Registered No A.00.300.81        Club No. 58061


Our Club was formed by the sponsoring Group  -  The Rotary Club of Laverton in Victoria Australia in July of 1993. 

The Founding Committee of the Club was  Harold Lunn (President), Adam Haig (Secretary), Kevin Skehan (Treasurer), Lee Dukic, Leonie Freeman, Gladys Kennedy, Fay Lunn, Ethel Reay and Gordon Reay and Bob Gent.(Committee Members)

Other Founding Members were George Cavanagh, Ruby Cavanagh, Helen Grist, Maureen Hawkins, Margaret Herrick, Neil Stevens, Phyllis Skehan, Sheila Gent, Maureen Rolington,  Les Young, Tom Dillon, Fran Ellis, Jean Fitzpatrick, Lola Forsyth, Gwen Halim, Nancy Harvey, Alma Howells, Lorraine Jackson, Joan jackson, Margaret Kitson,Joyce Myers, Lois Nelson, Lane Wright and Mary Veal.


Probus is an Association of Retired and Semi Retired people who join together for the purpose of regular interaction to keep both their minds and bodies active and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends. Probus is not a Service Club and does not engage in Fund raising or Community Sponsorship. It is made up of members from all walks of life. It is also non-sectarian and non-political. The only criterion for membership is to be no longer in Full time work.

We are a Mixed Gender Club and are a friendly and responsible Club and ready to answer any questions you may have about our Club or any Probus Services.

This Web Site has more information about our Club