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Our Members enjoy outings several times a year.  

Recent Activities have been:


We visited Struan House where we had the opportunity to tour the magnificant old building.  A representative from The National Trust provided a very informative and interesting history of the building, followed by a Research Soil Scientist speaking on uses of the land surrounding the property and in the general area.    The homestead is largely used as office space now for SA Department of Ag. Research Institute.    We then travelled into nearby Naracoorte for lunch at a Hotel, followed by a tour of the Minijumbuk factory where the Manager provided information on the the company's history, manufacturing processes and markets.  Members voted it a very interesting day out.


On an earlier outing we visited St. Mary's Gardens near Penola.    The gardens contain a wide variety of plants and a large number and variety of Roses.    Following the garden tour we relaxed with a cup of Tea or Coffee.   After Morning Tea we travelled into Penola where we had some free time for shopping and then met up for lunch at the Hotel.    It was a lovely day out which was enjoyed by all.


We travelled into Mount Gambier for a visit to "The Border Watch" newspaper.   The Manager gave an interesting talk on the origins and history of the newspaper and we were able to have a look at some extremely old print equipment which is kept on display.   Although the facility was not operating on the day, our tour was very informative and the size and scale of the plant was a surprise to many of us.   We buy Newspapers but few of us probably think about the processes which go into the printing and distribution.    We had the opportunity to visit the Archives where a Newspaper was retrieved which contained the Wedding Announcement of 2 of our Members who were present for the tour.   We, of course, then adjourned to a Hotel for a most enjoyable lunch and a good day was had by all.

On a very wet and windy day we had the opportunity to visit the Police facilities in Mount Gambier for a look behind the scenes, including the empty cells where we had a little try-out.  We very much enjoyed the talk given by one of the Officers on the workings of the facility.    Once again, quite an eye-opener and an opportunity afforded to us via our Probus membership and Club.    We then went to the R.S.L. in Mount Gambier for a guided tour of their War Memorabilia Museum, followed by a very nice lunch in the Bistro.   Another of our enjoyable and interesting excursions.