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Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker 16 July 2024 Leah Hall talks about her experience with underwater photography in Antarctica.

Guest Speaker 18 June 2024 Jenny McGlaughlin from Service NSW informed us of the many ways we can save money.

Guest Speaker 21 May 2024 Jeff McGill talking about his time as a newspaper journalist in Campbelltown.

Guest Speaker 16 April 2024  John Matic from Thredbo Ski Patrol.

Guest Speaker 20 February 2024  Paul Naidoo talks about South Africa during Apartheid.

Guest Speaker 16 January 2024 Nicki James from Campbelltown Theatre Group.

Guest speaker 21 November 2023 Mark Hughes.  Click to to see his last un-presented slide.

Guest speaker 17 October 2023  Denise Magrath from Kids Of Macarthur.

Guest speaker 19 September 2023 Leah Hall talks about her experience videoing underwater.

Guest speaker 15 August 2023  Louie Kelbert. All about bee keeping.

Guest speaker 18 July 2023 Deb Wallace – Interesting stories about policing.

Guest speaker 20 June 2023 Michael Baume gave an interesting talk about Australian Politicians.

Guest speaker 16 May 2023 Mark Bundy spoke about history of the Rookwood Cemetery.

Guest speaker 18 April 2023  The Daytones, Brass and Woodwind band performance.

Guest speaker 21 March 2023  Megan Ford from the Ingham Institute.

Guest speaker 15 November 2022 A talk abuot Angel Flight.

Guest speaker 20 September 2022 Sue Mc Garrity from 24Hr Fight Against Cancer Macarthur.

Guest speaker 19 July 2022  Deb Wallace – Interesting stories about policing.

Guest speaker 21 June 2022  Phil Allan regaled members with his bell ringing skills

Guest speaker 17 May 2022 was from the Australian National Maritime Museum talking about the Costa Concordia.

Guest speaker 19 April 2022 was Kerrie Anne & David Christian talking about The First Fleet.

Guest speaker 15 February 2022 A talk by Lucy & Mark from Care Connect.

Guest speaker 18 January 2022  Russell from Barnes Driving School who presented information for elderly drivers. For more info see the RMS booklets. A_Guide_to_Older_Drivers.pdf  & On_The_Road_65_plus.pdf

Guest speaker 15 September 2020 was David Hogan from Marsden Solicitors. 

Guest speaker 18 February 2020 were Pat & Barry Durham from Campbelltown Koala Health.

Guest speaker 19 November 2019 was David Blom from Campbelltown City Police.  Crime_Prevention.pdf

Guest speaker 20 August 2019 was Graham Winner from Scouts NSW.

Guest speaker 16 July 2019 was Michael Ellison from Campbelltown Bush Care Campbelltown_Bush_Care.pdf

Guest speaker 18 June 2019 was Debra Atherton from the Benevolent Socity.  Benevolent_Society.pdf

Guest speaker 21 May 2019 was Jo Boik from the Arthritus Foundation. Arthritus_Foundation.pdf

Guest speaker 16 April 2019 was Jim Campbell from Campbelltown Bonsai Club.

Guest speaker 19 February 2019 was Mary from Campbelltown Council who provided us with an informative talk about the services available at the library.

Guest speaker 15 January 2019 was Serina Tricky from Trade Travel, who are a national sponsor for Probus. She discussed numerous tours that were available to members.