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                  Our Presidents:

        Past and Present                        

Scroll down to read about our wonderful Presidents' who have worked to ensure our Club achieve Probus goals, Fun, Friendship and Fellowship.


Dot Jackson





Doug Bartlett


Tricia Lovegrove




Tony Haritos





Dot Jackson



  2018 - 2019 




              Dot Jackson 2019-2020                                     


 Lorraine Stackpoole 2017 - 2018   David Lowder  2016 - 2017 


  Joy O'Callaghan 2015 - 2016      Ron Potgieter 2014 - 2015              


   Judy Keighran 2013 - 2014         Brian Herrett 2011 - 2013


  Dianne Fletcher 2010 - 2011                   George McMurtry 2008 - 2010

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2020 - 2021    Tony Haritos               Click here for incoming Speech

                                                            Click here for outgoing Report

2019 - 2020    Dorothy Jackson        Click here for more information

2018 - 2019   Michael Carter       Click here for more information

2017 - 2018   Lorraine Stackpoole

2016 - 2017 David Lowder      Click  here for more information 

 2015 - 2016 Joy O'Callaghan          Click    here for more information

2014 -    2015 Ron Potgieter           Click  here for more information  

2013 - 2014 Judy Keighran    Click here for more information  

2011 -   2013 Brian Herrett            Click   here for more information  

2010 - 2011 Dianne Fletcher   Click here for more information 

2008   -  2010  George McMurtry     Click  here for more information

                               Club established 18th June, 2008  

                                       Now for the Heavy Stuff

           Our Presidents

Reflect on their Time

           in Office

                                       2016 - 2017 


  President 2016 - 2017                                         

  David Lowder    


Our Prez breathing fire


           Our Prez playing the violin

Our Prez at high noon

Our Prez as a kid!


 Our Prez on a bad day



                Our Prez

Man of Steel

              Doing the macarena  

                                         Having a yawn 


  2015-2016    Joy O'Callaghan  

Joy O'Callaghan        President 2015 - 2016                   Click Here  for My thoughts about the Year

  • We started our Web Site. You're looking at it
  • We did lots of Trips & Tours. See Trips & Tour photos
  • We went to many theatres
  • We had lots of lunches .... oh dear!
  • Our Activity groups were well patronised
  • Our membership reached capacity
  • We all had lots of fun

                    Ron Potgieter President 2014 - 2015

                            Another great year.                                                              Have a look.    

A short note on my 12 Months as President.

At the AGM when I was inducted I told the Members my aim was that the 3 F’s of Probus were to become Fun, Fun and more Fun.

                                       Ron’s 3 F….. ‘s       FUN, FUN, FUN

                                          (not what some of you thought)



                         Better than some of Ron's Jokes!

 I tried to achieve this by streamlining our General Meetings, such as cutting back the lengths of some of the reports, thus allowing more time for some sing-a-longs and jokes.


Ann,      who was our Guest Speaker Organiser, helped out by ensuring most of them were from an entertainment background e.g.

Greg Champion(of The Coodabeen Champions),  

                          Dorothy Baker (Singer IMT)                                          


Don Jones(Comedian),                       Brian Smith(Channel 9 Newsreader)

   The Dunny Man    


Kevin Trask (Radio Personality & cousin of Diana Trask)

 The 12 months flew   and there was so much more I would like to have achieved

     but time beat me.      


                                I was still working on ways to create

                    a manageable waiting list.


         As Vice President I pushed for raising our Membership

                                      from 120 to 130.

This created strong debate at our AGM 

      but ended up being  passed .

Outing highlights were: (Once again the Committee were responsible for organising great activities).


               The King & I                    Les Miserables 


The Rocky Horror Show                Glenn Miller Tribute Concert

                          Anything Goes        I did get George to

                                organise a Melbourne Cup                                           Sweep and a day at 

                           the  races which were                                    embraced by the



And let’s not forget our Christmas In July where the Bikers provided us with a good old fashioned meal.


and me being the DJ tried to get a Barn Dance going. 

 Talk about organised chaos. 

                       Then there was our usual Christmas Lunch

where once again I arranged for a good old fashioned meal to be served.


               But as it happens every year the highlight was

                          the Caravan & Camping Holiday.


And I must say I was embarrassed by the appearance of my sister and her friend who did their best to make fools of themselves with their outrageous behaviour.


When you look at the above and add Movies, Dineouts,

       The Book Club, 

    The Coffee Club, 


                 The Walking Group 


                    and Table Tennis  

to name a few. It’s a wonder we’ve got any time left to pursue activities outside the club.

           Ron Potgieter

President of Montmorency Petrie Park Probus (2014-2015)


                        And there's more

The Chairman had a nightmare

and decided the Club

needed a web site and

so it was to be!




 The Chairman of the Board thought we should have a Bungy Jumping Group and

so it was to be!

 The Chairman of the Board thought we should have a Lonely Hearts Club and

so it was to be!


                         2013 - 2014  

                 Lots of great material here. 

       2013 -2014 


       Judy Keighran   


Speakers: Mark "Squizzy" Squirrel had us all paying attention.



       Anyone still alive?



               Practical Things:

We purchased a new

portable microphone.


 One of our tours was to Apollo Bay to see a seal colony


 A Bubbly Brunch at Samson  Hill Winery was Yummy!


 Julie Fechner and her dingoes entertained us. One of our members wanted to take the dingoes home.


 The Werribee Mansions Rose Garden was magnificent. They have 4,500 Rose Bushes.

Agatha Christie's "A Murder is Announced" kept us on our toes!





   2011 - 2013  Fantastic years and full of surprises.


           Brian Herrett                         Brian's Breakfast

                                                                            Boiled Eggs (oops!)



 Brian in Crocodile Country


 Brian moonlighting

as a Bus Driver.                 



        2010 - 2011 Aren't we a busy group 

     2010 2011 President

        Dianne Fletcher


 Dianne started the Live Theatre Shows and Movie Club

                                   Read about 

    Her passion for

    Live Theatre

     & Movies 




Di is not at her best until she has had a coffee or two in the morning. To meet this need she ..... well, you can read about it here.     And so we have "THE COFFEE CLUB". 


                     2008-2010  Our First Years

               and we went from strength to strength 

  • How we Began     Read 

  • Foundation Members View  

  • Our By Laws              Read 

  • Our Constitution        Read 

  • Meeting Minutes   Read

  • Standing Resolutions  Read  
  • What we did Year 1    Read 

Our First President George McMurtry




                                           Our Proud History