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The Club was originally a men's only club founded in 1982.  In 2009, when the club had difficulties finding members to stand for election to office and the committee, steps were taken to become a combined club. Dr John Pawsey, Life Member, together with members from our Rotary Club were instrumental in getting a new club off the ground.

The meeting for the launch of the rebirthed combined club was held on February 8th 2010 wth 62 people present and included 22 of the members from the old club and 40 visitors.   Following the meeting 31 new members were inducted into the club at the March meeting.  Robin Arrell was the first lady President.  Following Presidents have included Ron Blackman, Lorraine Roberts, David Muir, Vicki Russell, Brian Schuh, Graham Cooper and Arnold Hicks and Barbara Muir   The newly elected current President is Win Wynn.