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Our club has been operating for 23 years and currently has around 70 members which is small

enough to create a personal, friendly Club while having sufficient numbers to enjoy a wide variety

of activities.

Mondays are Probus days

1st Monday   in the month is Movies at Macquarie Shopping Centre.

2nd Monday   in the month we hold a variety of walks always including Coffee

 and are suitable for all ages.

3rd Monday  in the month Outings, some of which  include  guided tours.

4th Monday in the month (if there happens to be five Mondays), we arrange a Bus trip for the day.

Last  Monday  Meeting starting at 10.15 am at the Vikings Sports Club at Dundas, including

guest speakers who cover a wide range of interesting  topics.

Occasionally on Friday, we catch up in a local park for a Coffee and a chat or a wine and nibbles.

Twice a year we organise a bus trips away.

When a live show has group tickets available we arrange a Theatre group.

A joining fee of $25 and an annual Membership fee is $65 which includes all costs for meetings

includes a great Morning tea and all insurances for activities.

We would like to welcome you as a visitor, please come along and enjoy our Club.

For further details please contact

President                            Kevin Porter                      0419 318402       [email protected]

Membership Officer      Margaret Stephen           0467 394976        [email protected]