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The Committee is elected in March each year at the Annual General Meeting. The election is supervised by a non-member, usually from the Rotary Club of Pakenham, the Rotary Probus Club District Chairman or the President of one of our sister Probus Clubs

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President (President Elect), Secretary (Public Officer) and Treasurer. For the year ending February 2020 the Executive Committee members are:

President    Delwyn Dance

Vice-President Pam Marchington

Secretary Jenny Dubois

Treasurer Arthur Lewis

The General Committee  Past Presdient- Michael Bayes, Membership- Jenny Dubois, Speaker-s (Open), Welfare Mari- Harrison, Small Events- Wendy Ockwell, Outings- Allan Wood, Membership Development / Publicity Roger Leslie, Bulletin- Nick Lind, Factotum- Julie Haddock

Please contact Committee Members by e-mail: [email protected]