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Guest Speaker


 July 2019


 Fire safe in the home

 August 2019

 Ret.Lt.Col.Riccardo Bossi

 Living & fighting in Afganistan

 September 2019

 Kevin Dennes

 The Grizzlies at Brook Falls Alaska

 October 2019

 Bob Paskins

 Wildflower Road Trip W.A. 2009

 November 2019

 Ralph Scrivens

 Australian Bush Poetry

December 2019

John Campbell


 January 2020

 Patricia Skehan

Great Australian Aviators, Charles Kingsford Smith 

 February 2020

 Hayley Orr

Bankstown Canterbury Community Transport Services 

 March 2020

 Danielle Corrie

Revesby author with first published book

 April 2020

 Meeting cancelled


 May 2020

Meeting cancelled


 June 2020

 Meeting cancelled


July 2020

Meeting cancelled


August 2020  

Meeting cancelled 


 September 2020

 Ken Hazanik

 HMAS Australia (1) The Forgotting Flagship

 October 2020

Keven Dennes

 Traffic Lights in Antartia

 November 2020

 Keith Payne

 Older Driver Assessor & Safety Officer

 December 2020

 Xmas lunch entertainment

 The Banjo Factory

 January 2021

 Faye Yarroll

 Australian Lions Hearing Dog "Sydney"

 February 2021

 Paul Mason

 Taronga Zoo

March 2021

John Costa

Circle Indian Ocean

 April 2021  Kez Hasanic  HMAS Australia WW11
 May 2021  Jim Haynes  Australia's Most Unbelievable True Stories

 June 2021

 Bob Paskins

 Road Trip to Cooktown via S.A. 2010

 July 2021

 Phoebe Duncan

 Independent Living Specialist (cancelled)

August 2021

Kevin Dennese

All the better to eat you with my dear

September 2021

Amber Hammond

An unorthodox life in music

 October 2021

 Nick Gleeson

 The many ways of seeing

November 2021

Joe Kaplun (OAM,KEG,CMC,JP

Japan's attacks on Australian mainland coast 1942-1945

 December 2021

 Xmas Lunch


January 2022

 Keven Dennese

 All the better to eat you with my dear

February 2022

Phoebe Duncan

Independent Living

March 2022

Amber Hammond

An unorthodox life of music

April 2022

Nick Gleason

The many ways of seeing

May 2022


25th Anniversary

 25th Anniversary of Panania Probus Club

June 2022

Jim Haynes

Singabout Australia

July 2022

 Eric Hiam

Balance age care

 August 2022

Amber Hannond 

My Orthodox Life of Music 

September 2022

Terry Scalian 

Hars (Historic Aircraft Restoration Service) Albion Park 

October 2022

Kristy Hatcher

Owen Hodge Lawyers

November 2022

Andrew Molloy

Local Historian

January 2023

Kevin Berriman

War Years 1939-1950

February 2023

Sue Raynes


March 2023

Knee Deep Squares

Fun Knee Deep Demo

April 2023

Keith Payne

Senior Drive Tester

May 2023

Raymond Rees

Sydney's Best Kept Secrets

June 2023

Harry Ramani

Support Services Specialist

July 2023

Gavin Kleinhams


August 2023 Macula Corp. Slip, Steps and Falls
September 2023 Kevin Dennes My Life in Kenya
October 2023 Noel Phelan

The Costa Concordia 

 November 2023

 Carolyn Davey

 Captain Cook and the Endeavour

 January 2024


 Country Women's Assocition

 February 2024

 Ralph Scriens

 Bush Poet

 March 2024

 Paul Burgess

 Panania Lawyer

 April 2024

 Jane Ewing

 Careers in Electro-Technology & Data Communications