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Past speakers

April Meeting - COTA internet safety

March - No speaker (AGM)

February Meeting - Steve from Blue Mountains Honey

January Meeting - Traditional Chinese Arts Show called Shen Yun

December - No speaker Christmas part

November Meeting - NSW TRUSTEE – Anna JELLIC was our Guest Speaker on Thursday 15th Novem-ber, 2012. Anna is an employee of NSW Trustee and Guardian with over 20 years experience in the making of Wills, Appointing an Executor and appointing Power of Attorney. Anna answered many questions from our members and she present-ed a very informative and entertaining talk.

October Meeting – Penrith Area State Emergency Services speaker, Sam Peake

September meeting – Ian Small, author of “The Kurragongs, which tells the story of 114 men who left the town of Inverell to fight in World War 1.  “The Kurrajongs” is set in both the present and the past and uses fictional characters to unveil a fascinating true story.

August meeting – ROYAL FLYING DOCTOR SERVICE – Christine Hull

July meeting  -  Susan Oxenham is a visually impaired Artist who lost her sight at age 17, due to retinal bleeding from tumours which formed behind one of her eyes.  Susan bought seven of her paintings to the meeting, it is hard to believe that Susan is legally blind, she is as vibrant and colourful as her paintings and was an inspiration to us all.  In Susan’s studio, there is an award-winning black and white photograph of Uluru and also a large painting of the photo in bold colours,  they are both magnificent examples of her art.

June meeting  - Commodore John Smith from Sailability Penrith Lakes spoke about this scheme, which began in Australia in 1991.  Sailability is a non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing sailing opportunities for everyone, regardless of age and ability. Children and adults are able to sail in the small boats provided by Sailability on a beautiful lake, part of the Penrith Lakes Scheme.  John was accompanied by the Treasurer, Corrie Monsma, who is, as are all the office-bearers, volunteers who give freely of their time.

May meeting – The Aged Care Rights Service (TARS) Hear about the difference between aged care and retirement villages, Complaint services and Older persons legal services

April meeting – Faye’s story.  After having a Cochlear ear implant Faye has been given her life back

March meeting – No Speaker - The  AGM meeting will be conducted on this day

February meeting – Barry Husking Director & Chief Financial Officer from Penrith City Council.

January meeting – Sam Howell from S.A. He will be speaking on Murray River Cruising

December meeting – Christmas Party No speaker

November meeting – John Scott was not able to attend due to business commitments.

October meeting – Gail Kelly. Gail told us about the difficulties, dramas, tragedies and sometime sadness that came from working in Zambia as a nurse. In addition to the medical challenges she had to deal with rebels from neighbouring Zaire who were not averse to stoping medical vehicles at gun point and stealing them. All through this she seemed to maintain her sense of humour and saw the funy side and delight behind a lot of the work she did.

September 2011 – Dr. Adrian Sheen. Dr. Sheen presented what looks like a grim picture for the future of the family GP because of the increasing trend towards Government sponsored super medical centres and also from the reluctance of new general practioners to establish their own general practice businesses.  Dr. Sheen is involved with the Doctors Action group that is lobbying the Government to reconsider their policies and encourage the continuance of the the family GP. He urged us as individuals to become involved and lobby our local MPs to save the family GP.

August 2011 – Peter Kid. Peter has had a long career as a School teacher and principal. He told us of his intersting experiences teaching in India. He also told us about the amaging achievements of one of his exceptionally gifted students. His subject backgroud was in maths and science. He left us with a maths challenge – prove that all even numbers can be obtained by adding 2 prime numbers together.

July 2011 -  Bob Maynard. Bob has had 40 years experience in the minerals industry, 30 years of that in underground coal mining. Bob talked about his experiences that contain both tragedy and comic relief in rescue dramas and the working environment.

June 2011 – Barbara Holborow.  Barbara Holborow served for 12 years as a magistrate in the children’s court, where her compassion and outspokenness were legendary

May 2011 – Narelle Brown from the Office of Electricity, Water Ombudsman, NSW