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Penshurst Probus club was convened on 16th June, 1992.  The Steering Committee comprised Denis McDonald as President, Shirley Blunden as Secretary and Jacques Malliate as Treasurer.

The first meeting of the club was held at Penshurst RSL in July.  At this meeting there was an election of officers.  Besides the original Steering committee,  Neville Noonan was elected as Vice President, Phyllis Damant - Assistant Secretary, Elsie Hill - Membership, Marcia Lightfoot - Tours and Entertainment, Wip Wipperman - Guest Speakers, June Parker - Care and Service, Nell Harper - Bulletin and Beryl Hancock as Auditor.

During the past twenty-four years, the club has followed the ideal set by the first members and has continued to provide fun and fellowship to all. Members enjoy walks and outings, day tours and extended tours, interesting guest speakers, plays and musicals.



Our Club is now 20 years old and still flourishing. 84 people formed our Club as Foundation Members - 17 are still in the Club. At our first meeting in Penshurst RSL Club, May and I only knew a few people, but that soon changed. We met a group of wonderful people.  From the beginning our Club was "the club to join" and we soon grew to 110. We were instrumental in forming Oatley, Mortdale and Penshurst Ladies Probus Clubs in conjunction with our Sponsors Hurstville Rotary Club.

Our Travel Group formed by Marcia McRae soon flourished and Nell Harper produced our first Bulletin, and Beryl Hancock's walks were early projects. Ron Harper provided music for our Christmas parties which grew into great concerts. We had guest speakers from our Members, viz Wip Wipperman on Gold (doesn't rust); Elsie Hill on Canada; and Jacques and Odile Malliate gave a presentation on Probus Rendezvous. Ron Harper hosted our first Christmas party. These people and many others provided our entertainment.

May and I were happy to serve on Committee for over 13 years. We had a great time over the years with some sadness, but we survived and look forward to the future.   

Denis McDonald, Foundation President.