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As at April 2023 our membership ceiling of 110 members has capacity to welcome new members as we have 91 members inducted into the club.  Applicants go on a waiting list which is reviewed by the Management Committee and potential members are advised of their status on the list.

Our aim is to provide every member an opportunity to participate in activities that are in accord with the three tenets of the PROBUS organisation: that is,



FELLOWSHIP for Retirees

Probus provides the opportunity to join together in clubs and to maintain healthy minds and active bodies through social interaction and activities with retirees in your community.

Probus opens the door to new experiences and friendships, you can hear guest speakers, stay active by participating in a wide range of activities and explore your community, your country or the world.

Probus offers a range of member benefits and to quote a Probus Club member “the day I joined my Probus Club, I instantly had 100 new friends

That is Probus; Friendship, Fellowship and Fun.

Join 130,000 retirees across Australia and New Zealand and discover the wonderful world of Probus at your local Probus Portarlington Bayview (Inc.) club.