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                                                        Our Committee is committed to FUN, FRIENDSHIP AND FELLOWSHIP

Executive  Committee

President: Frank Nolan (0431106073)

Frank is a very enthusiastic president who is always open to suggestions on how to grow our club. He is a good listener and he is always inclusive at Committee Meetings and gives each member the chance to give their opinion on matters arising. At General Meetings he is friendly and welcoming and follows the agenda closely so that the meetings are not too drawn out! He encourages member participation and enjoys mingling with members at morning tea and at other events held by the club. He brings a wealth of experience through his other community involvements.

Vice President: Janet Roy (0408504476)

Janet is a quiet achiever, she is enthusiastic and very supportive of our President and Committee. She is keen to throw herself into the role and learn as much as possible about the workings of Probus.

Secretary: Glenn Hartwick (0410500749)

Glenn’s main role as Secretary is to support the President to ensure the Management Committee functions smoothly. He is responsible for ensuring Meetings are effectively organised and minuted by compiling the agendas and minutes each month in conjunction with the President. Glenn is required to maintain up-to-date records and be the key point of contact for the Club. He brings a wealth of experience to the club and will be a great asset to the team.

Treasurer: Phyllis Coffey (0430287669)

Phyllis has a wealth of knowledge and an interesting background. She is quietly confident and very approachable in her manner. She will be a very reliable and trusted treasurer and a valued team member.   

The main role of the Treasurer is to ensure that clear and accurate financial records are maintained and that all funds are accounted for accurately. Phyllis is very methodical with her book keeping skills and she keeps very detailed records of all income and expenditure and banking.


Other Committee Members:

Club Activities Convenor: Elenor Peach (0421452550)

Elenor is a very enthusiastic Convenor, she is well organised in her approach to documenting events in the clubs monthly Newsletter, to make sure that they are accessible to all members who wish to participate in them. Her main role is to provide information on local theatre events, purchase tickets and collect any outstanding funds.

Guest Speaker Officer: Vivianne Keys (0428883503)

The role of the Guest Speaker Officer is one of the most important and challenging assignments in the Probus Club. To hold the interest of members, programs must be well-balanced with informative and thought-provoking subjects presented by accomplished speakers. Vivianne has procured a number of very interesting guest speakers to date and she will continue to seek out people who are able to share their knowledge and information with our members.

Membership: Margaret Whelan (0411251840)

The monthly newsletter is a very important way of keeping our members up to date with what’s happening at our Club. It aims to set out current and upcoming activities, important information about events, birthdays and contact phone numbers for the committee. It also contains information about guest speakers, who they are and the topic they will be covering at their talk. The Newsletter is sent out electronically to members with email and hard copies are also available at each meeting.

Welfare Officer: Karen Smithwick (0434468556)

 Karen's main role is to keep in touch with sick or bereaved members or those members feeling isolated or lonely or who may be in need of moral support or physical help. She presents every member a Birthday card which the members really love!

The members are very appreciative of this service!

Publicity Officer: Willie Asselman (0418358903)

Willie has a great personality and sense of humour and brings a fresh approach to our Committee Meetings. He is able to put a male's perspective on issues discussed which is really important as we are a mixed club and want to make sure that we cater for all our members. At the General Meetings he is very much at the forefront running the Trading Table and Book Exchange and generally socialising with members. Willie approaches perspective members in a friendly manner and is responsible for bringing in new members. He also has a good report with the local traders who are happy to give out a hamper or gift voucher to support our club.

Newsletter: Joy Karton (0412463510)

The newsletter contains information on upcoming club activities, photos and other interesting information.

Members give their approval for photos to be used in this format and on our Facebook page, without accompanying names.