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When lockdown happened in March 2020, we thought our club might come to a screeching halt :-(

But then we thought of videocinferencing, and were able to keep it functioning :-)

Here's a video about how we did it:

It runs for 30 minutes, so you might like to skip through and look at parts that take your interest. To do that, scroll the red blob at the bottom of the video window to stop at each part that shows a blue background. There is also a list of the chapters you can jump to here:

00:00 Start

01:45 Monthly meeting

06:52 Book Club

13:06 Dabblers

16:54 Investment group

18:01 Playing 500 online

28:47 How to do it -- links to information about how a Probus club can use videoconferencing effectively

These chapter links are also in the Description under the video window at youtube.