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Welcome to our Club Pages:

Updated May 2018

Our Ladies Probus Club of Rutherford - Telarah is a social organisation not for profit, catering for both semi-retired or retired ladies who are interested in social interaction, to expand interests, participate in activities and outings which offer opportunities to enjoy the company of others. 

Like all Probus Clubs we are structured the same. We have a meeting once a month, beginning with morning tea, then an invited guest speaker, followed by the Club business meeting.

Members also take part in and enjoy a variety of social activities and outings. We look forward to having interesting and entertaining guest speakers at every meeting, which all contribute to promoting Friendship, Fellowship & Fun to existing and new members, as this is the goal of Probus. The club is a great way to make friends and have a positive community impact.

We have a dedicated and hard working committee.

Our Welfare Officer, Barbara Leake does an excellent job when any members are on the sick list, by way of contact and support. Alternatively the Club can offer whatever assistance it can when needed. 

Our Probus Club was established in June 1990, and a strong & vibrant Club has continued, with approximately 97 members to date.

On June 6th 2018 Probus members will celebrate the Clubs 28th Birthday with a Morning Tea and cake decorated in the Probus colours, followed by the Birthday Lunch at Club Maitland City.