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About Us

The Club was inaugarated in 1993 in St Paul's Anglican Church, Warburton Hwy, Seville East, Victoria. The founding members were:-

Doug Goodluck - President

Libby Powel - Secretary

Barbara Nixon - Treasurer

Helena Webber - Vice President

Cedric Gray and Marne Fraser were general committee members.

In July 1993 The Club had a membership of 24 and met in what is the tea room of this historic, small, wooden country church.

By May of 2005 it was decided that St Paul's was too small due to an increase in membership and the monthly meetings were moved on 2nd June of that year to St James' Church Hall, Wandin North.

Following the closure of the Club for 12 months during 2020/21 due to Covid 19 restrictions, the Club resumed meetings in March of 2021 when it was decided to return to our orgianal venue of St. Paul's Anglican Church in Seville East.