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                                          BARANGAROO WALK


                                        DUSK AT THE HARBOUR




                               WARILLA BOWLING CLUB BBQ



                                 SWEET TOOTH AT THE CASINO



Xmas lunch 2016 celebrating 30 years with two of our longest founding members.


The people that made it all happen in 2016. Committee members at our 30 year lunch.


Happy members at the Xmas lunch.


                                        January meeting 2017


                                    February 2017 Personalities               

Patricia Reynolds second from the left will next month receive an OA (Order of Australia) for her contribution over more than 40 years to child education.



            Jean Hogan now has another flag to raise happy 90th  birthday.



Guest speaker, Mayor of Shellharbour Marianne Saliba. Most informative talk, Marianne really knows her job and the Shellharbour area.



                                                               Old Farts and Tarts



                                                       New Members June Meeting



                                                      KAY PORTER  OBE