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Guest speakers:


22nd April - Ian Farrell, local Bush Poet & Entertainer. We have been blessed with Ian’s presence in the past and we certainly hope we can entice him back again. Perhaps we should make his appearance an annual event, following our AGM?

Ian’s enthusiasm is infectious and he had the members in stitches. He also was advertising a must-see Cabaret, on the 21st of May. Thank you, Ian:


19th November - Dr. David Cook from ECU. David’s topic was Internet Security and scams. I think it is fair to say that David captivated the audience and held them in the palm of his hand. He warned of cyber attacks and the way information is shared on the Internet (most of it, unbeknown to us). He pointed out that, whilst we may not do Internet Banking, every transaction we make (even in a bricks and mortar bank) ends up in the Internet maze. David is a very engaging speaker and we would welcome him back!

15th October - Evan Nunn from Accordwest. Evan spoke of Accordwest's role in housing and supporting the disadvantaged in the Bunbury region. He advised that 3 women are currently housed in the 3 Tiny Houses:

17th September - Janet Mazza from Pregnancy Assistance Bunbury and spoke of her role in supporting the community of Bunbury:

20th August - Monica Potter. Monica is the JP (Justice of Peace) Signing Centre Co-ordinator. She spoke of the role that JP’s play in the community, both the past and the present time.

Dennis presented a certificate to Monica and thanked her for the very interesting talk.


16th July - Matthew Correia (ably assisted by Nikita Thomas) from the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RDFS). Matthew spoke of the history of the RFDS and the current modern fleet of 17 PC12 aircraft and 3 PC24 planes. This fleet and the infrastructure behind it enabled the rescue/treatment of some 10,097 patients during 2020/21.

He also talked about the Robin Miller Society that seeks to raise money to help alleviate the 11% shortfall in funding, annually. Robin Miller was born in 1940 and, tragically lost her life at only 35 years, from Cancer. The work that Robin did in her very short adult life was simply amazing. She was the daughter of Horrie Miller and Dame Mary Durack and flew her own plane to remote communities in WA to provide Polio Vaccine by way of a sugar cube. She gained the name of Sugar Bird Lady. During that period in the late ’60s, Robin administered some 37,000 vaccines to vulnerable people. What a legacy to leave.