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Planned Outings 2022:

January 19 (a Wednesday) - Trip to Perth Zoo – departing at 8 am. $37

February 23 (a Wednesday) – Trip to the Fremantle Maritime Museum – departing at 8 am. $17.50

October 1 (a Saturday) – Probus Day (activity TBA).

(These times and schedules are not set in concrete and are subject to change. All buses depart the Bunbury Bowling Club $10.)

Casino Trips:



8th October 2021 - The SW Get Together hosted by the Bunbury Ladies Club. A very well run event with a terrific keynote speaker.

1st October 2021 - Probus Day was, once again, held as a morning tea at the Bunbury Wildlife Parklands. The weather was very poor but members enjoyed the food and company:

1st September 2021 - a visit was made to the Jalbrook Estates Alpaca Farm. The day was a little cool but everyone came prepared with their jackets. Bob reports that Jalbrook put on an excellent lunch and it was great being able to feed the alpacas: