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Planned Outings 2022:

June 22 (a Wednesday) - Fremantle Prison visit - departing 7:30 am.

July 20 (a Wednesday) - Xmas in July at the Dardanup Tavern.

October 1 (a Saturday) – Probus Day (activity TBA).

(These times and schedules are not set in concrete and are subject to change. All buses depart the Bunbury Bowling Club $10.)

Casino Trips:



18th May 2022 - was the Mystery Tour. It was quite a trip with rain coming down in buckets at the beginning for about 2 hours. We stopped at Gnomesville but decided that the rain was too heavy for the tea, coffee, and nibbles to be served. By the time we arrived at Boyup Brook, the rain stopped, and morning tea was served out of the back of the bus. Yum!!

The bus pulled up at Harvey Dickson’s and we spent a good 2 hours looking at hundreds of everything old hanging from the ceiling and walls; (see photos) and a light meal with hot drinks was served. Harvey (the owner) gave us all a tour of the place and added in a few interesting stories.


Finally, we had a late lunch and headed back home to Bunbury.

16th March 2022 - we enjoyed another satisfying club trip to the Busselton jetty, train ride on the jetty, and a tour under the ocean water. The weather was a little windy but the rain held off and actually turned out to be a cool, enjoyable day:

23rd February 2022 - we enjoyed a bus trip to the Fremantle maritime museum. It was a nice cool day and everyone had a great time checking out all kinds of boats and taking in the fascinating history of our great country. The museum even had the Australian yacht (Australia II) that won the America’s cup on display with its revolutionary, winged keel. Our tour guide was very good at explaining all the various exhibits: 

19th January 2022 - Perth Zoo. It was a beautiful day but a little on the hot side! There was a very low amount of people at the zoo so we were able to hire a couple of buggies to take most of us around the park for an hour to check out the various animals. The trees and various plants were noticeably big so kept the temperature down somewhat. We had lunch from a kiosk and were kept amused by the various birds trying to steal our lunch. All in all, a most entertaining day. I would like to thank Graeme for driving the bus. He did an outstanding job. 

8th October 2021 - The SW Get Together hosted by the Bunbury Ladies Club. A very well run event with a terrific keynote speaker.

1st October 2021 - Probus Day was, once again, held as a morning tea at the Bunbury Wildlife Parklands. The weather was very poor but members enjoyed the food and company:

1st September 2021 - a visit was made to the Jalbrook Estates Alpaca Farm. The day was a little cool but everyone came prepared with their jackets. Bob reports that Jalbrook put on an excellent lunch and it was great being able to feed the alpacas: