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Following a suggestion from Strathfield Rotary, a meeting was held in November 1980 to determine if there was interest in forming a Probus club in Strathfield. The meeting decided that a club should be formed and the inaugural meeting, with 11 members present, was held in the small hall of St Anne's Church on Homebush Road on Monday, 8th December 1980.

The meeting held in July 1981 was the Charter meeting of the club at which all initial committee members were confirmed for the coming year. The club was formed-with 17 foundation members and the last of these members, Ray Knight, resigned from the club early in 2010.

After meeting at St Anne's Church for a number of years, the club transferred its meeting place to St David's Presbyterian Church Hall in Marion Street, Strathfield in August 1989, the Strathfield Recreation Club in August 1996, then to The Coronation Club, Burwood, followed by Club Burwood (RSL) and currently the Croydon Park Club.

Perhaps the most important change to the operation of the club since its inception occurred in October 2009 when the members, all males at that time as the club was a registered Men's Probus Club, voted for the club to become a Combined Club. The change has resulted in an influx of new members.