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            After our meeting each month we have imformative

                    speakers on various topics of interest 



July 2021

Matt Parkinson, CEO of the Baptist Communnity Organization

"Mad Cow" spoke to us on the "Bendigo Winter Night Shelter 

Program" for homeless people.


June 2021  

Our speaker this month was Greg Ralton, who enlightened

the club about his role Red Cross Emergency Planning

here and other parts of Australia.


Apr 2021

Our Presedent Joe spoke to us about him migrating from

Holland, to australia, and growing up and assimilating

into the community here in Victoria.


Mar 2021

AGM was held,  no speaker.


Feb 2021

Joy Roy, gave a very informative presentation on of how the new

Bendigo Chinese Dragon was created. 


Jan 2021

Our first meeting back since March 2020 in the Botanical Gardens

White Hills. We had Anne Clark, who is a Botanical Illustrator, and

Judith Milner from the "Friends of the Botanic Gardens,"

speak to us on the history and development of the gardens.


Apr 2020

All meeting and social gathering postponed till further notice

due to the Covid-19 virus.


Mar 2020   

AGM was held,  no speaker.


Feb 2020

Phil Bretherton spoke to us on the history and establishment

of St John of God Hospita and the Challenges in Health Care.


Jan 2020

Sophie Harkin spoke to us on health & fitness for seniors.

On the importance of exercise and got us doing examples of

excercises we should be doing to keep our bodies mobile.