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Sutherland Combined Probus Club Inc.

Welcome to Probus: "Develop New Interests - Stay Active!"

Our Probus Club (the Club), a member of the Probus world- wide movement in 23 countries, is accredited in the South Pacific region comprising 125,000 retirees of the Probus community that shares the Probus values and motto of friendship, fellowship and fun .

The Club received its Charter on 29 April 1980, as Club No 20 and was established as a club for men. Members recognised on 23 April 2007 that the Probus journey would be enriched by changing club membership from that of male gender to cater for both male and female members - a mixed membership keen to participate in activities they themselves initiate or are prepared to actively support. On 04 July 2007, the Club became an incorporated body under the relevant association provisions in the State of New South Wales. A copy of the Club's Membership Directory is provided with this welcome to membership letter. The Club's governance documents (Constitution and Standing Resolutions) are available upon request to the Secretary.

Depending on the availability of the venue, meetings of the Club are held on the fourth Monday of each month at Club Kirrawee, 101 Oak Road, Kirrawee and commence at 9.30am. After the meeting a period for fellowship over morning tea takes place, which is then usually followed by a guest speaker concluding around Noon. Should you have to leave the meeting earlier than the scheduled finish time, the Club's protocol requires you to sign – out on the attendance register.

A monthly Newsletter covering the activities of the Club is circulated. You may wish to join the growing number of members who receive this Newsletter by email. By using the email faciliity you will also receive mid-month updates on activities. Just let Helen Edwards know at [email protected]

Membership of the Club is contingent upon regular attendance at meetings of at least 50 percent in the club year, subject to leave of absence in cases of sickness or on any other reasonable grounds. You should liaise with the Secretary or the Membership Coordinator if, in any club year, you will not be able to meet this requirement.

The Club is required, annually, to provide membership information to Probus South Pacific Limited (PSPL Office) for audit of coverage under the Probus National Insurance Scheme and to help with creation of strategies and policies so that more retirees can have the opportunity to experience this great movement called Probus. PSPL Office will also issue a membership card and you will require your Probus Membership Number to access the Probus Member Benefit Scheme and the PSPL Optional Travel Insurance and for claims.

Information about the various activities of the Club, including photographs, from time to time, may be used in the promotion of the Club through its newsletter and website.Assurances are provided in relation to privacy and integtrity of intended use of membership information by the PSPL Office and Management of the Club.

The Club is managed by a Management Committee. Election of officers is undertaken annually, in March, at the Club's annual general meeting. The term of office of the President is one year, but this may be extended to two years, if required, due to special circumstances. Committee Members may serve for not more than three successive years in any one office, unless otherwise determined by members.

When positions on the Management Committee are vacant, you are encouraged to make a contribution to the life style of the Club's operations through offering your services as a member of the Management Committee for a period of up to three years where possible. Nominations are generally sought from January each year.

An annual subscription fee is payable as at 1st April each year and this is currently $30. A pro-rata subscription fee is applied if joining the Club during the year. Subscriptions provide for administration of the Club's operations, PSPL annual member capitation fees and subscription for the "Active Retirees" magazine for six issues - the publication for the Probus organisation in Australia. A contribution fee of $15.00 is also payable each year for postage (if requested) of the Club's Newsletter. Reimbursement is sought for cost of Probus membership name badge $10-00 (partner name badge also $10-00). Wear your Probus badge with pride at all Club meetings and activities.

On attending each monthly meeting, a Club Kirrawee facility fee of $5.00 will be collected from you. In addition, all members of our Club are required to become financial members of Gymea Bowling Club.

Reservations for Club activities are managed on a first in member (including partner) basis. Prospective members are also welcome to attend meetings and activities of the Club as visitors. An integral component of membership is your declaration that participation in the activities of the Club is on the understanding that you are fully responsible for the state of your health and behaviour and will only participate where you are physically capable. This declaration is recorded as a "standing declaration". If you have registered for a Club activity and are unable/decide not to go, please phone your apology to the Coordinator as soon as possible.

Should you have any matters that you would like to discuss about membership of our Club please contact Membership Coordinator.Kevin Bourke (02 9525 4638/0418 423566) or the Secretary, Jim Power (02 9528 6201/0448 434833).

Enjoy your Probus Club - the opportunity to meet people you would otherwise not meet, share in friendships, visit new places, share in holidays, celebrations, laughs and bereavements, support one another and have fun.


Yours sincerely,

Tom Edwards

 President 2020 -2022