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Over Thirty years ago, a Group of 12 men met at Kareela Golf Club and, with the assistance of Miranda Rotary, organised the start of Sylvania Probus Club, its inception 5th November, 1987.  The initial committee comprised a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social and Outings Organiser, Editor, Speaker Organiser and a Committee of four.  The Certificate of Accreditation was supplied by Probus South Pacific on the 8th February, 1988 and Certification of Incorporation issued on the 20th February, 1991.

Initially we were a Men’s club, the members grew to 81.  A General Meeting voted that the membership would be limited to 85 to allow for better social ability. During this period, Ladies were limited to three visits a year, however subsequently were invited to all meetings except Annual General Meetings, as visitors.

As time progress the membership numbers began to fall mainly due to deaths and resignations.  Promotions were carried out at Southgate and Miranda Shopping Malls, Letter box drops, Friendship Days, advertising in the St George and Sutherland Leader, Local Radio and word of mouth in endeavour to increase numbers

As the numbers continued to drop and as Combined Clubs were gaining popularity, it was decided in March 2015 to become a Combined Club which was voted for and accepted by members at our 2015 Annual General Meeting.  As a Combined Club we now have 81 members, the first female Vice President and President were elected in 2016 and 2017.  The club has regained its vitality with our new members.

Many members have participated in various roles over the thirty years and they must be acknowledged for their efforts in organising Juniors On The Hawkesbury (Una Voce), Melbourne Cup Functions, Newsletter Editors, Speaker Organisers, Walk and Talk, Bowls and Golf, Special Activities (including Tours, Day Trips, Dine Outs, Picnics, Barbecues, Breakfasts, Theatre Outings, Cruises, Xmas and Xmas in July, and many other events.

These past and current members have contributed to the success of the club over the past thirty years and are continuing to assist and promote for the future.