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About Us & History


Under the auspices of the Merewether Ladies Probus Club, a meeting was held in 2003 to investigate the possibility of establishing a second club in the area. A decision was made that a club called The Combined Probus Club of The Junction be established and that it would be open to both male and female members.

Christmas Luncheon, 2018

A second meeting was held on 5 May 2003 at South Leagues Club at which 77 members attended and office bearers were elected. The office bearers’ positions were: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer, Caring Officer and Bulletin Officer. 

The first regular meeting was held on 2 June 2003 with Andrew Griffith speaking about Life Saving in Australia. A range of activities was also identified: theatre parties and excursions, as well as luncheon, craft and walking groups. The Club would meet once a month with the committee meeting held on the previous Monday. The meeting would open with Club business, e.g. minutes of meeting, both committee and general, treasurer’s report, etc. followed by a morning tea and finishing with a guest speaker. More recently, the guest speaker is requested to draw the raffle prize. The membership closed at 100 members on 4 August 2003. The positions of Programme Officer, Activities Officer and Historian were introduced in September 2003.

The Club meets at St Augustine's Hall Merewether on the first Monday of the month.