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Instructions for Speakers & Hosts


  • The Probus meeting (on the second Wednesday of each month) is held at the Bridge Club Rooms on Haven Road. 
  • Please arrive at 10:30am. You will be met at the door by your host. 
  • The host will give information about car parking. Parking at the clubrooms is limited but there is parking for the speaker in the President's park, outside the door and behind the building. 
  • Your host will assist with any equipment or other gear that you may have with you. 
  • Your host will introduce you to the IT person who will take your memory stick then the Club President before taking you to morning tea.
  • At 11am your host will introduce you to the club members before your address.
  • After your address members will be invited to ask questions before a vote of thanks from the President. 


  • Meet the speaker at the door at 10:30am. Assist with any equipment and see if a car park is needed -  either in front of the clubrooms or behind the building. 
  • Introduce the speaker to the IT person for slides and the club president. 
  • Take the speaker to morning tea before introducing them to the meeting. A CV will be sent to you for this task.