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Probus Club of Unley - Guest Speakers

For about an hour each month we are entertained, entranced, thought provoked and at times moved by our guest speakers.

They commence at 11am and finish before 12 Noon.
Members eagerly look forward to these sessions.

Guest speakers for 2022

7th February: Pamela Rajkowski "In the tracks of the Camel Men"

7th March:  AGM.  Noushe Von der Borch-Garden giving 'Reflections' on her life.

4th April:  Janet Weir, The Stroke Foundation

2nd May:  Birthday Meeting, Entertainment           

6th June: Marianne Boorman    Port River Dolphins

4th July: Esther Simbi     'Beyond calamity'              

1st August:  Merrylyn Asquith     Living, Grieving and finding acceptance     

5th September:  Tony Elliot        Somerton Man

11th October:         

7th November:     

5th December:  'Christmas lunch' 

Past Guest Speakers have included

Pamela Rajkowski  Author

Colin Graves 'Horse Trainer'


Maree Schaefer  'Life as a children's short story writer in COVID-19 times'

David Kilner  'The life of Agatha Christie'


Penny McKenzie: The RAA: Then and Now

Kevin Walter - 'Real Estate Do's and Dont's' Tips for Selling


Leanne Isaacson  'Keeping safe Online - scams, passwords & digital skills'


Laine Anderson, author and columnist - The Flight that Shrank the World

Miriam Cocking - The Catalyst Foundation

Greg Pattinson, CEO Foodbank SA. - Role of Foodbank

 Michael Hewitson, Mayor of Unley - Education in Australia

 Grant Loxton - Namibia

Grant Lord - Road Safety for Seniors

Dr Brian Wheeler - Royal Flying Doctor Service "Then and Now"

Craig Felix - Fire Safety in the Home

Val Oldfield - "Beating about the bush"

Ken Semmler - "Tsunami, how do you clean up a mess"

Grant Lock - "Shoot me first"

Member Bob Bowes - Wine appreciation