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WATER TOWERS TOUR 20 October 2021

We had a lovely day out to check out the impressive water tower at Yerong Creek and the terrific work of the local community members who were busy planting and gardening in the space around the tower.  We were fortunate to find the project manager from Lockhart Council on site who described how the project had developed - a great tribute to the local community.

We had lunch at the community garden at Tootool, a dot on the map where two of our members grew up.  The community garden is a credit to past and present Tootool residents and we enjoyed a picnic lunch and admired the gardens and sculptures.  Then on to see another water tower at Milbrulong painted by the same artist as Yerong Creek tower, and finally to Lockhart to see their larger tower.

A lovely spring day, very enjoyable.                   


Some of the murals in the renovated bar at the Hydro Hotel, Leeton


Twenty two members joined this trip and enjoyed many interesting visits, great accommodation, and excellent party house food and entertainment.

First stop, coffee at Leeton through to Whitton, a small township with many old-world features.

The visit to Southern Cotton was very interesting and informative and illustrated the great work and industry which has created a busy, productive and wealthy cotton industry.

Semi-trailers bring bales of cotton in very large loads to the works for processing.

The cotton from each (local) farm is treated, combed, and baled separately, specifically identified, so that wherever the bales are sent to in the world for spinning, it can be traced back to the individual farmer. We were taken through the facility and watched the process taking place.

Employment – not many full-time employees, but part-time employment through the area is available during various cropping seasons – fruit picking, grape harvesting, rice harvesting, general farming, cotton farming.

Next, on to the Malt House – an oasis in a very flat area of land

The main building is the restaurant, gin and whisky tasting area, and gift shop. There is a lake, around which are built a number of modern, up-to-date villas/cabins, with walkways. Further development is taking place. Our group occupied most of the villas, which were extremely well fitted out with all amenities.

Our trips are known for good food and good times, the high standard was maintained with great organisation by all who organised the food and drinks. Much talk and laughter and trivia and games followed.

Members of the group went their different ways to Altina Wildlife Park, Griffith, Leeton.

At a stopover at Leeton many checked the Roxy Theatre, and the Hydro Hotel. What a magnificent old Hotel, built in 1919 and well maintained with good accommodation today. We were given a look through the Bar area, not always open, and viewed some wonderful stained glass windows. Leeton is a town with many interesting places to see.