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                   ACTIVITIES / OUTINGS

 We have a wide range of activities for member enjoyment:

  • Walks each month (except January and February)

                   Travel by public transport, walk for a couple of hours

                   Pleasant places around Sydney, followed by a club or pub lunch

  • Regular outings to places of interest. Transport is either public or hired coach

  • Once a year a 4 or 5 day coach tour, maybe interstate

  • Fine Dining regularly, normally in the evenings at selected restaurants

  • Theatre visits

  • Monthly Coffee Mornings at the Magpies Club, 10:30am start 

    Partners and friends are always welcome at all of the above, and at our annual ‘combined’ meeting as well as the Xmas dinner.

  • Stocks and Shares Group meets monthly.

  • Computer Group also meets monthly

  • Lawn Bowls

     Newsletter    published monthly