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February 8
Tom Law from Wellington South Community Patrol Pastor Phil Coates (Gateway Church)
March 14 AGM & Mary Anderson, Enterprise Miramar

April 11 

Member Speaker - Sheila Fitzsimons " My recent visit to Zimbabwe"

Graeme Jupp, Featherston to Upper Hutt Railway, Then and Now 

May 9

Member Speaker - Penny Griffith

Chris Calvi-Freeman "Where Wellington City is going" 

June 13

Member Speaker - Tricia O'Donnell - Arras Tunnel History

Graeme Yule, Headmaster Scots College. 

July 11

Member Speaker - Todd Foster

Office of the Banking Ombudsman

August 8

Member Speaker - Anne Greig - How my OE took 14 years

Constable Ashleigh Sutherland - Kilbirnie Police Base.  Their role - How they interact with the Community - Keeping safe etc.

September 12

Member Speaker - John Ellings

Gabor Toth, Local history of the restaurant trade in our society over the last 100 years.

October 10

Member Speaker - Joanna Simpson from Tommy's Real Estate

John Stevens - Administers Charitable Trusts which help Youth at Risk and Mental Illness

November 14

Member Speaker - Penny Griffiths 

Robin Boldarin - My role as a Justice of the Peace

December 12

Member Speaker - 'Surprise'

Lynette Shum - History of Chinese Community in Wellington

February 14 Graeme Jupp - The Titanic
March 13


Ray Ahipene Mercer


NB.  If you are going to miss a meeting, an apology should be made to the Membership Officer - Cedric Croft - 021 162 9599 - or email [email protected]