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White Hills Combined 25th Anniversary meeting. 

The inaugural meeting to form the Probus Club of White Hills was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bendigo on Tuesday, 22nd March 1994. The meeting was attended by approximately 100 people including representatives from six other Bendigo Probus Clubs and prospective members to support the formation of the new club. The Probus Club Standard Constitution was adopted and the following office bearers were elected: Merle Lea (Charter President), Herb Stephens (Secretary) and John Metcalfe (Treasurer). Since its inception, the Probus Club of White Hills has become a thriving, vibrant club which provides the members with regular opportunities to keep their minds active, to expand their interests and enjoy the fellowship of new friends. 

Fast forward to Tuesday, 24th March 2019 and the Probus Club of White Hills is now 25 years young and still going strong.

Hugh Wheeler from Bendigo Rotary was in attendance for the Annual General Meeting and took the chair for the election of office bearers, with the following members being elected and re-elected: Colin Watts (President) Glenys Billings (Vice President), Evelyn Robertson (Secretary), Bryan Randall (Treasurer), Ian Robertson (Assistant Treasurer) and committee members Bob Boyd, John Ham, Ron Mason, Anne Scown and Maree Walker. Hugh congratulated the incoming executive and wished them well for the coming year. Hugh also presented the PCOWH with a 25th anniversary certificate on behalf of Probus South Pacific Ltd. 

Pictured L to R: President Colin Watts receiving the 25th Anniversary Certificate from Probus South Pacific Limited from Hugh Wheeler (Rotary Club of Bendigo)

Merle Lea became the first Life Member of White Hills Probus in 2006, followed by Ian Randall in 2009. To mark the 25Th birthday the remaining nine of the founding members were awarded Life Membership also. Certificates were presented to Lindsay Raeburn, Joan Raeburn, Lois Monks, Ray Monks, Joan Pedersen, Jean Randall, Mary Pocock and Frank Holland. These eleven recipients, have all made lasting friendships, and valuable contributions to the longevity and viability of our club over the past quarter of a century.

Pictured to: L to R Lindsay Raeburn, Joan Raeburn, Lois Monks, Janice Pearce, Ray Monks, Joan Pedersen, Ian Randall, Jean Randall, Mary Pocock and Merle Lea. Absent Frank Holland. 

A birthday cake, made and decorated by Jennifer Harvey was cut by Merle Lea and Ian Randall to celebrate the occasion. The days’ activities were concluded with a luncheon.

Pictured to L to R: Ian Randall and Merle Lea cutting the 25th birthday cake.