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Meets at various locations in alternate months from Wine and Cheese Club

January, March, May, July, September, November

All welcome

If you would like to organise a Dinner Club Event please contact Eric

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Dinner Club - September 2012

When our Dinner Club Convenor, Eric Woodhead, stated categorically “this is the best meal and best value we have ever had and “you should place a review in the newsletter”, it was reinforced by the other 14 Probians in attendance, so…here it is!
Daniel, from Verve Restaurant at Cherrybrook was chef on the night and also hosted our group, anticipating every need. After meet and greet at 7.00p.m. we enjoyed multiple large platters of ante-pasta (mezze plate)….a Mediterranean mix of salami, olives, sun dried tomato, prosciutto, roast capsicum, hummus, smoked salmon, onion, served with sliced Turkish bread.
Being able to choose our own main course from the blackboard menu was highly unusual and greatly appreciated, providing some lively conversation. The choices consisted of…

    Chicken Breast baked with fruit chutney served with three cheese sauce and sweet potato cakes (none of us ordered this dish)
    Chargrilled Angus Porterhouse Steak with potato gratin and port jus
    Panfried Atlantic Salmon with tiger prawns in a citrus butter sauce and steamed vegetables

The meals were exquisite and exciting chatter followed with comments including “steak melted in your mouth”, “salmon tasty and moist”, “generous servings” and “port jus was delicious” (Daniel said the jus takes 30-40 hours to cook and is extremely labour intensive due to process requiring constant straining, stirring, reductions and tasting).
There were lots of laughs as many of the wives chastised their husbands on eating leftovers…having already polished off their own mains!!
Most of us enjoyed a glass or two of wine (BYO)…SEE PHOTO - more on the web… and as we progressed to coffee/tea, we wondered what could possibly beat what we had enjoyed so far.
Then IT happened, dessert was served. Large white (individual) plates appeared, decorated with drizzled chocolate patterns and we enthusiastically competed with each other over who would have which dish. Most couples shared desserts to get a taste of everything….

    Citrus Crème Brulee with strawberries and dark chocolate ganache
    Sticky Date and Banana Pudding with butterscotch sauce
    Chocolate Ravioli filled with French cream with raspberry coulis

High praise, yet again, comments including “so unusual”, “who would have thought of this idea”, “gone to Heaven”, “so delicious”.
In conclusion, we all lamented the size of our group, simply because of our mates missing out on such a high class feast. This scrumptious Dinner at $45- per head (including tea,coffee,corkage) was a special introductory offer for our Probus Club. However, Daniel has offered 3% discount to all of our club members on future orders from their extensive menu. TEL.9481.4224.
Kaye Burfitt
p.s. Who scoffed the last after-dinner chocolate?