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                 Guest Speaker - August 6th

                      History of Rock & Roll


I have put together a series of popular and very interesting shows on the “History of Rock & Roll” beginning in the 1950’s. I share stories about how rock & roll music started in the early 1950’s. I tell a brief history of these artists and play original video clips of the artists singing these popular songs. People love hearing, seeing & singing along to the videos of these old songs as they bring back fond memories of their past. Each show runs for 1 hour. I have now created over 20 different shows in my History of Rock & Roll series.


Individual eras & shows I have created include 1940’s Classic Hits, Rock & Roll Beginnings 1950’s, Early 1960’s Hits, Australian Pop early 1960’s, British invasion era 1962- 1967, The Beatles History, Hit videos late 1960’s, Hit videos 1970’s, Hit Videos 1980’s, Motown & Soul Music History, Disco music 1970’s, Country Hits etc.