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Probus Member Profile: Anwar Latif

After growing up poor in Pakistan, Anwar Latif moved to Australia and wound up helping others less fortunate than him.


Every picture tells a story

Each year the Probus National Photographic Competition attracts entries from across Australia. But there’s more to this contest than just great photos – there’s also all of the Fun, Friendship and Fellowship that goes on behind the lens.


Retirement living and aged care you can trust

Ryman Healthcare has been building and operating retirement living and aged-care facilities within one village community for 35 years.

Member Profile: Doug Johns

One-time vet Doug Johns has seen a lot of the country after nearly three decades as a Veterinarian.

Senior’s Leadership Skills are always needed

You were a business or community leader in your youth, directing people at work and planning to ensure your business plan succeeded. Now you’re retired do you really think those skills are redundant?  Think again!

Stronger together

One of the best things about Probus is the connections we make: finding old friends, making new ones and taking trips around Australia and beyond.

An apple a day

Forget the traditional winter prune – cut back your apples as soon as the fruit is picked.

Meet member Graeme Walker

Graeme Walker was a pioneer in the area of air freight in Australia, and was recently recognised for his work with an Order of Australia award.


Keep on clubbing

In the UK, seniors night clubs are the next big thing with Tea Party Raves a fun way to connect.

Combat Loneliness in Retirement

Loneliness is a big issue in Australia and New Zealand according to the Royal College of General Practitioners, so much so that they’re asking Governments to consider a dedicated Minister for Loneliness to help combat a spike in depression.


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