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Previous Photographic Competition Recipient Shares Insight on Winning Prize!

Previous Recipient Berys McEvoy discusses the wonderful trip she embarked on, organised by Trade Travel. 

Member Profile: Graham Woolley

Croydon Probus Club newsletter editor, Graham Woolley, used his amateur filmmaking skills to keep a complete record of the 35-year-old Club.


Celebrating Grandparents Day

By passing on their heritage, skills and experience to third generations, grandparents provide a foundation of identity and connection that helps younger generations build enduring relationships with family and the community. Grandparents bring wisdom and joy to many lives and we are proud to have such wonderful grandparents in our Probus community. We encourage Probus members to get involved and celebrate the positive imprint they have and continue to make on their families, friends and society.

Enhance your retirement with The Probus Member Benefits Scheme.

Read more about the Member Benefits Scheme available to Probus members. 

Choose where your retirement leads you

Choose where your retirement leads you.

Member Profile: Eva Bennett

Member Profile: Eva Bennett.

What does Probus mean to you?

Probus is a broad community that brings together people from all walks of life, but its main aim is one of connection, or Fellowship, and from that stems the Friendship and the Fun. We talk to Probians about what the Club brings to their life.


Mental health in retirement: what you can do to stay healthy and happy

Retirement can be exciting – coming to the end of your working career with a calendar now open for relaxation and enjoyment is a time many people look forward to during younger years.

Probus Member Profile: Anwar Latif

After growing up poor in Pakistan, Anwar Latif moved to Australia and wound up helping others less fortunate than him.


Every picture tells a story

Each year the Probus National Photographic Competition attracts entries from across Australia. But there’s more to this contest than just great photos – there’s also all of the Fun, Friendship and Fellowship that goes on behind the lens.


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