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Sea change

Make the most of your retirement years with a well-deserved sea change. Or head to the hills to enjoy the trees.

There are loads of choices when it comes to packing up the family home and moving by the seaside. It’s just about being smart and finding the right property to suit your needs.

Finding your home

When deciding whether you’re going to make the big move, it’s important to consider what you want from your retirement. Are you a beach person who enjoys listening to the waves lapping the shore? Or do you prefer to hear the rooster’s call as the sun rises?

Then, do your research.

If you can, visit the places you’d like to live. Have a stroll around the town and the streets to see whether the place will suit your lifestyle. Always pop into a local real estate to enquire what the current market is like and whether there are many properties for sale in the desired area where you’d like to be.

Home sickness

While creating a new home is an exciting time, there are some elements which may not necessarily go in your favour.

Keep in mind that when moving to the coast or the country, you may be downsizing your lifestyle as well as your home. Moving away from the major city may mean moving away from resources and facilities that a larger town or city offers and that you’re used to having access to. Facilities such as hospitals, airports and large shopping centres may not be as close to you as they are now.

Bear in mind also that moving away from your hometown or city may mean leaving the family behind too.

Going ahead

If you decide to go ahead with the big move, take stock of your finances. Discuss your situation with a planner if need be, but definitely make sure you’re on top of what money is coming in and what expenses are going out.

This helps when making the big decision, as you’ll have more information when it comes to how much you can afford to spend.

Always speak to a realtor and/or property valuer to understand how much you will receive if you choose to rent your home out, or if you choose to sell it, how much it is worth.

Sometimes, renting your home out may be the better option, as it allows you the flexibility of moving back if you decide you don’t like the change.

Remember, the seaside may be wonderful in the summer, but what about those long, cold, winter days? The farm may be lucrative and exciting during harvest, but in the off months, does lazing your day away staring at the grass sound like your cup of tea?

If you choose to sell, always obtain the right advice and appoint the right realtor for you and your circumstances. The same goes for when you’re looking in your new place of residence. It’s all about researching, listening and implementing.