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4 ways to enhance your TV viewing experience at home

The home entertainment experience has come a long way since the days of dodgy antennas and unreliable reception on your analogue television set. Now, thanks to the arrival of advanced yet affordable and user-friendly electronics, the home theatre of your dreams could become a reality at the push of a button. 

And the good news is you don’t have to be a tech guru or spend a small fortune on audio-visual equipment to enjoy the best shows and movies more than ever. Here’s how to enhance your TV viewing experience at home. 


Do you find the functionality of your current TV to be somewhat limited? It might be time to upgrade to a smart TV – the kind that probably catches your eye when visiting family or friends.

These sleek devices not only provide a near-perfect picture (once you go high-definition you’ll never go back!), they also offer loads of features and benefits like an all-in-one remote control, internet browsing, and built-in apps for social media, pictures, videos, music, games, news, entertainment and most importantly digital streaming services.

A smart TV can quickly turn your living room into an impressive media centre the whole family will love. And best of all, this technology is now so common that it’s not even overly expensive.

Do some research online or pop into your local electronics store to check out the best options for your home and budget. 


Once your smart TV has been installed, you’ll be able to access a whole host of subscription-based streaming platforms such as Netflix, Stan and Binge, as well as on-demand, catch-up TV services run by free-to-air networks – for example, SBS On Demand, ABC iView, 10 play, 9Now and 7plus.

These services allow you to watch new or classic TV series and movies whenever you want! That means no more missing your favorite programs or being restricted to the daily TV guide.

If you haven’t yet invested in a smart TV, it’s still possible to access streaming services through your existing set by integrating an accessory like an Apple TV box or Amazon Fire TV stick. 


Another advantage of a smart TV is the ability to create and manage different user profiles on each of your streaming services.

In other words, when any member of the household sits down to watch Netflix, for example, they simply open their own profile within the account to access their saved program lists and viewing suggestions.

It’s never been easier to enjoy more of your favourite content or discover the latest shows relevant to your interests. 


If you sometimes find it difficult to hear the sound through your TV, or you feel the overall audio quality could be higher, there’s no need to suffer in silence any longer.

In fact, regardless of what type of TV you own, adding a new sound bar or set of peripheral speakers can instantly bring cinema-standard surround sound to your home setup.

You’ll be amazed at the difference this technology makes to the home entertainment experience.