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Air fryers: more than hot air?

Bench space, in an average kitchen, is precious. Especially once you add in staples such as your toaster, chopping block, utensils, and kettle. Which is one reason why new kitchen gadgets really need to be worth it.

Increasingly, Australian households think air fryers are.

Online scams to be aware of this festive season

“It wouldn’t happen to me.”

It’s easy to think this when online scams are happening to other people. Until they happen to us, of course,

Buying a record player in 2022

If today’s vinyl boom is music to your ears, it could be time to consider a new record player.

Take flight with a drone as a hobby

Maybe you haven’t seen them yet, but they are certainly out there. In fact, Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) estimates there are one-two million recreational drones in Australia today. That’s up to one drone for every 10 Australians.

Is a smartwatch a clever idea for you?

Smartwatches have been on shop shelves for 20-plus years, but in the last five, these wearable smartphone-like devices have truly come of age.

6 tips for using only trusted websites

Whether you’re browsing the internet or downloading information or software, can you tell a trusted source from a suspicious or unsafe website?

Home gadgets that take the effort out of cleaning

Nobody wants to spend their time and energy doing household chores when they could be enjoying everything else life has to offer. Thankfully there are products to help carry out everyday maintenance tasks at home.

What free streaming services and trials are available in Australia?

We live in a time of unprecedented choice when it comes to streaming TV, movies, sport, music and videos, but you don’t necessarily have to pay to find what you’re looking for. 


What is a data backup and why do you need it?

These days most of us keep personal documents, treasured family photos and much more on our smartphones, tablets and computers, but what happens when something goes wrong?

Everything you need to know about smart door locks

If you’re looking to make home security and access more convenient, a smart door lock system could be part of the answer.


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