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Into the stream

We give you six reasons to throw away your TV

Should you start a blog?

Many people keep a diary, but what are the risks, advantages or reasons for letting it all hang out online?

4 trusted websites to make you tech savvy

We look at some of the best resources for getting better at using technology.

How to take winning photos

As we celebrate the winners of the annual Probus National Photographic Competition in this issue, we thought we’d ask professional photographer and photo comp judge, Samara Clifford, how to take photos that win prizes.

Live at home longer

Technology changes are allowing retirees to stay in their home for longer than previous generations. We look at some of the gadgets that can help you maintain your independence.

6 signs you need a new computer

The tech world changes so fast, but do you have to change with it? We look at the reasons and timings for upgrading your home computer.

Keeping your digital memories safe

Should you be keeping your photos and digital data in “the cloud”, on a hard drive, or another form of tech? We look at best options for making sure you don’t lose your computer data.

Keeping up to date

It seems like a computer update comes along almost daily, but do we need them? And can they be more hassle than they’re worth?


5 easy tricks to manage your passwords

It seems everything has a password these days. Here are some tricks to help remember them, store them and make them hard to crack.

Tech to your home

Mobile computer repair services will come to you to help with any problems, but are they right for you?


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