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Sending large files

Sometimes it can be difficult to send large files over email due to download and send limits. But there are plenty of websites and programs that can help.


If you’ve heard of YouSendIt, Hightail is its new name.

Once you’ve set up an account, sharing large files and storing them is a whole lot easier. You can send up to 250MB at once, share the file with someone else and even give them virtual permissions to edit and update the file.

Simply upload the file to the secure server and a link will be emailed to the email address that you input. The recipient can then download the file.

You also have access to 2GB worth of storage space with the free version.

Hightail allows you to save files to your computer’s hard drive so you can access them when offline.

Hightail also has a smartphone and tablet app. Plus, if you use Outlook and you’re on a PC, Hightail automatically syncs with the email software so you can send attachments larger than your exchange server limit.

If you’re only looking to send files smaller than 250MB, then there’s no need to upgrade to the professional account, which comes at a pretty significant cost.


WeTransfer is another web-based file transfer service, only with this service, you don’t need to register. Plus, you can send files as large at 2GB and there is no limit to the amount of files you transfer.

All you have to do is head to the website, upload the file, input your email address and the email address of the recipient and then hit transfer. You can also write them a message. 

Files are available for seven days so best to let the person know that you’re sending it to them so they don’t miss it. The good thing about this however, is that files are automatically deleted after the seven days lapse.

If you’re looking to send your files to a number of people at once, WeTransfer is perfect as it allows for 20 recipients with one send.


Dropbox is a free service that allows you to save files in one location and access them anywhere. You can also share folders with other people, making it a safe, secure and easy way of sharing your larger files.

Once you’ve set up an account, all you have to do is upload your file onto the website with the buttons in the top-right corner of the window.

Once the file is uploaded, right-click on the file you’d like to share and select ‘Share link’. All you need to do then is input the email addresses of the person or people you’d like to share the file with. Then hit send. They’ll receive an email with the link to download it.

If it’s a folder that you’d like to share, you’ll have to set up the new folder on the Dropbox website using the same buttons in the top-right corner of the window. Click on the folder and upload the files. To share the whole folder, again use the buttons in the top-right corner of the window. This means whoever you’re sharing the folder with can access all the files that are in there and upload their own files so you can see them too.

The beauty of Dropbox as well is that you can access it from your computer without logging into the website. The program automatically downloads a folder onto your computer so you can access shared files at all times. Once the file is downloaded, you don’t even have to be connected to the internet to see it.

The program also has an app so you can access files from your phone or tablet.  

If you want more storage options, there is the option to pay to upgrade your account.