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Popular games and puzzle apps to get you thinking

There are many reasons why playing games and puzzles on your smartphone is a fantastic idea. They help keep your mind active and engaged, which is important at any age! Plus, many games offer social features that allow you to compete with friends and family or share results with online communities. These games are a healthy way to stay connected, even when you're spending time alone.

With these benefits in mind, let’s explore the most popular web games and puzzle apps available right now.


For word enthusiasts, Lexico offers a refreshing twist on the classic word search genre. Players hunt for words within a grid of letters, enhancing vocabulary and cognitive skills while having fun.

Sudoku Supreme

Test your logic and reasoning with Sudoku Supreme, a comprehensive Sudoku app featuring various grid sizes and difficulty levels. Perfect for seniors seeking a mental challenge with a dash of nostalgia.

Picture Match

Exercise your memory and concentration with Picture Match, a captivating game where players uncover matching pairs of cards. Ideal for sharpening cognitive abilities while enjoying a casual gaming experience.

Crossword Jam

Dive into the world of cryptic clues and wordplay with Crossword Jam, a collection of challenging crossword puzzles designed to entertain and educate. With new puzzles added regularly, there's always something fresh to solve.

Puzzle Paradise

Escape to Puzzle Paradise, a collection of mind-bending brainteasers and visual puzzles designed to stimulate the mind and ignite creativity. From optical illusions to pattern recognition challenges, there's something for every puzzle enthusiast.

More popular apps to try

There are countless game and puzzle apps available to download on your iPhone or Android. To save you the trouble of trying them all, we’ve hand-picked a few that are particular popular among older players. 

If you're looking for a strategic challenge, why not try Chess Masters? Match wits with friends or AI opponents in this classic game of strategy and intellect. As you improve your skills, you can climb the leaderboards and test your mettle against increasingly difficult competition.

Prefer a more relaxing experience? Solitaire resort offers a tranquil escape where you can unwind with timeless card games like Klondike and Spider Solitaire. Enjoy stunning visuals, calming music, and the satisfaction of solving puzzles at your own pace.

In the mood for a friendly competition? Backgammon Plus provides a fun and engaging way to challenge friends and family to a classic board game. Roll the dice, move your checkers strategically, and see who emerges victorious. With multiple difficulty levels and online play options, Backgammon Plus offers endless entertainment.