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Probus in bloom


On a typical spring Marlborough afternoon, Blenheim Probus Club hosted their counterparts in Marlborough to a celebration of the Probus Garden in Pollard Park.

Club President Brenda Carr welcomed guests from other clubs, along with Rotary District 9970 Probus Chairman David Drake and wife Margaret.

Fellow Probian croquet players and croquet club members then led an active and fun activity giving people a go at playing golf croquet. This was followed by a sumptuous afternoon tea, accompanied by live guitar music.

Head gardener of the Marlborough District Council was then welcomed to the gathering, where he gave a talk on Pollard Park and the Blenheim Council gardens in general. He also mentioned that the Probus display (pictured) has been much commented on and admired.

Members of Blenheim Probus Club have been avidly watching the development and growing of “their” garden for some months now. The garden came in to being when, in July 2014, a committee member saw an advertisement from the Marlborough District Council in the local newspaper asking if any club or organisation wanted their logo in the pictorial garden. Blenheim Probus Club was the only reply they received, so two members of the committee met with the gardeners armed with a copy of the logo and the official colours and the Council gardeners took over.

The garden was planted in May 2015, with several committee members were invited to attend and plant some of the plants. The flowers used are calendula bon bon yellow for the yellow and myosotis bluesylva for the blue – or marigolds and forget-me-nots to most of us.

The afternoon was concluded with a short walk to view the garden and have a group photo taken. People were then free to walk around the rest of the gardens, which were at the peak of spring flowering.

Pauline Reddecliffe