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The World of NAD+

Every cell in the body utilises nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) to carry out more than 400 crucial cellular reactions required for life. For this reason, NAD+ is often described as central to supporting cellular health.

However, it's only recently that scientists have begun to truly understand the importance of NAD+ and that it declines with age and when in high demand during times of illness, injury, stress or when needed to repair cellular damage.

NAD+ is a co-enzyme which provides support for all our cells to stay healthy. Heart, brain, nerve and eye cells, muscle and bone cells, liver, kidney, skin and immune cells all use NAD+ and other nutrients for their daily energy and maintenance.

In the past decade, Prof. Charles Brenner, the world's foremost authority on NAD+ metabolism discovered that the body's naturally preferred NAD+ precursor, was a nutrient called nicotinamide riboside (NR). In the case of NR, that means its converted into the NAD+ molecules in our cells.

After years of scientific research and rigorous testing at some of the top research institutes around the globe, NR has been patented NIAGEN® and is available in dietary supplement form.

"NAD+ has a role in wellness at every stage. It supports our health from the inside. When NAD levels are low, our cells can't produce the energy they need to support our health as we age" says Prof. Charles Brenner.