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How to stay warm through winter

Are you prepared for the looming colder weather? As winter fast approaches, it’s time to think about staying cosy and warm while enjoying life inside and outside your home.


Are you ready for flu season?

It’s almost that time of year again, so we’ve got some handy advice to help you avoid the flu without spending the season indoors.


The common heart valve disease your GP should check for

A heart check-up with a GP is at the core of understanding your heart health and function, and general wellbeing. Aortic Stenosis (AS) is one of the most common and serious heart valve diseases.

The benefits of low-impact exercises and activities

Regardless of age, exercise remains a key component of a healthy lifestyle. But arthritis and reduced bone density can limit strength, flexibility and balance, so it’s important to participate in forms of exercise that don’t place too much stress on your body.


Dairy to be different: unpacking the many types of milk

There are more milk varieties and alternatives on the market than ever before. So is it time you considered switching to dairy-free?

Tips for a healthier approach to the festive season

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some extra food and drink over Christmas, but you don’t have to end a year of healthy living with weeks of over indulgence either.

Tips for a sun smart Australian summer

Sometimes there’s no escaping the stifling heat and humidity at this time of year, but as the UV index soars it’s important to proactively protect your precious skin. Here we discuss some of the dangers and offer our top tips for a sun smart Australian summer.

TV up too loud? Music sounding muffled?

Brisbane based headphone company, Audeara, exists to ensure all people understand the importance of their hearing health and can enjoy their world in perfect, personalised sound. Now available at Blamey Saunders.

The 7 C’s – Theo Saunders’ checklist for more effective communication

So much of what we do every day relies on good listening and communication skills, but this is easier said than done – especially in these mask-wearing times!

It’s never too late to prioritise your posture

Regardless of age, improving your sitting, standing, walking and sleeping posture may still be possible.

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