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TV up too loud? Music sounding muffled?


Brisbane based headphone company, Audeara, exists to ensure all people understand the importance of their hearing health and can enjoy their world in perfect, personalised sound. Now available at Blamey Saunders. 

Audeara’s new A-01 headphones have revolutionalised the listening experience by tailoring personalised sound based on the results of Audeara’s app-based hearing check.

The Audeara A-01’s are a premium set of noise cancelling, Bluetooth headphones designed to enhance music, communication and entertainment while minimising unwanted noise. 

Looking for improved speech clarity?

Audeara headphones personalise each user’s listening experience to enhance audio, communication and entertainment. This works for sounds transmitted through a source device (such as a phone, iPad or the television).

Wearers are likely to note improved clarity of speech and quality of sound when personalisation has been applied, for audio including phone calls, television and virtual conference calls (e.g., Zoom or Teams).

TV never sounded so clear

Audeara’s unique technology emphasises better, not louder sound. This means a safer, hi-fidelity listening experience, now and in the future. 

The A-01 headphones connect wirelessly to your TV via a Bluetooth transceiver, which is a sleek and compact Bluetooth audio transmitter that streams audio wirelessly from your TV or stereo. The transceiver allows you to connect up to two pairs of Bluetooth headphones, which means two people can listen at the same time. The transceiver can also act as a receiver, streaming high-quality audio from any speaker system, including a smartphone.

Planning a getaway this festive season? 

The A-01’s are the perfect, portable travel companion, with swivel ear cups – all packed in a durable travel case. They also have an active noise cancelling feature that can be turned on to further reduce background noise when travelling on noisy aircrafts or transport. Plus, with an extra-long battery life of 35+ hours, you can have peace of mind that your journey, wherever your headed, will be uninterrupted.

Blamey Saunders is here to help

Audeara A-01 headphones are available to purchase now, online here.

If this product sounds like it could be what you’re looking for, feel welcome to get in touch with Blamey Saunders’ experienced hearing consultants with any questions. Call 1300 049 128 or email at [email protected]

Funding of these new headphones may also be available to you if you’re an eligible NDIS, HSP or DVA client.