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What can Chat GPT do for you right now? A lot, actually...

If you’ve heard much about viral chatbot Chat GPT, it’s probably concerning the future impact the AI tool will have on the workforce.

However, that shouldn’t overshadow the significant impact Chat GPT is having on our lives right now.

To discover the various ways you can use Chat GPT to make everyday life easy today, read on.

Chat GPT to kickstart your planning

When it’s time to pack a suitcase for a big trip, it’s time to write a list. But where to start? Chat GPT is highly adept at generating you a comprehensive packing checklist in just a few seconds. Some items on the list might be generic [“light weight tops”] but you can probably do the mental calculations on what you need for these items as you check the list off. 

You can also refine your list by holiday duration, location, and time of year.

Chat GPT is actually a handy list-maker in any number of areas. These include meal planning, birthday and party planning, home renovation planning, and fitness training planning.

Get relationships feedback

Even the best relationships benefit from regular fine-tuning. Turns out, Chat GPT has some pretty great information when you have a particular relationship question in mind.

When we asked what tips it has for discussing finances with your partner, without arguing, it had the following suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Schedule a time to talk, so you’re both prepared for a calm and rational conversation.
  • Start with a positive tone.
  • Don’t blame one another for past mistakes.
  • Come prepared.

 All sound information!

Learn complex things quickly 

Often, we find ourselves in situations where we need to understand complex information fast.

Maybe you’re rushing to complete your tax return on time. Maybe you need to be better informed about your mortgage before an appointment with a bank or mortgage broker. 

When you tell Chat GPT that you need to understand a complex concept quickly, it can explain it in concise and simple terms that you can quickly absorb. 

Instead of dissecting pages of information to find your answer, you can find exactly what you need to know in seconds.

Complete you research fast

You might be wondering why you shouldn’t just enter a question into Google to get an answer to something you are researching. You can.

But one study found that Chat GPT outperforms Google for research purposes in a variety of ways. According to Preply, Google was better for basic questions, but for intermediate and advanced questions, ChatGPT was best.

When you want to identify relevant content that’s already in an organised and cohesive whole, Chat GPT often shines as a research tool.

Important information to remember 

Chat GPT often provides high quality information, but the machine is still learning, and it does make errors. In some instances, you will know if the information it has provided is correct. In others, you will have your doubts. If you have doubts, always verify independently.  

And while Chat GPT can provide remarkable general information about medical or financial issues, it is not a substitute for medical or financial advice. Used with appropriate caution however, it can definitely play a positive role in making everyday life more efficient, convenient, and enjoyable.